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Help Bring Back Nick Moody

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Nicholas Moody, one of our fellow soldiers, needs your help!

On September 29th 2010, Nicholas Moody was returning from Iraq to the United States where he was working as a security guard with a private security company. Nicholas was arrested at the Abu Dhabi airport on charges of possession of accessories related to firearms (Front Grip and Cleaning Kit). The items in his possession were pertinent to his job and not dangerous. This event occurred due to the layover time between flights. Mr. Moody had to stay overnight in Abu Dhabi in order to catch the connecting flight to the United States the following morning. When he went to catch his flight the next day he was arrested.

Nick did nothing wrong. He is a veteran who is a corporal in the Nevada Army National Guard. Nicholas has served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has sacrificed for us and now desperately needs our support to get him out of this unfortunate situation.

The one thing we can do from here is create interest in Nick’s case. The lawyers assure me that most all levels of UAE government respond favorably to US officials concerns. At this point the results of Nick’s case weigh heavily on getting US Representatives involved. The lawyers have asked for letters, phone calls and faxes to both State and Federal agencies asking that they become involved in this case. They advised us to make contact repeatedly, non-stop until this case is resolved. They said “Do not stop.” And they feel that spreading the concern through the media will also pressure the representatives to make inquiries on Nick’s case.

Nick’s court date is November 29th. This gives us between now and then to make an impact.

We are asking that those of you willing to write letters that can be faxed, mailed and emailed, to please do so immediately. Phone, Twitter, Text, Facebook, etc, use whichever and as many forms of contact as you can.

The more people that show interest and support and are willing to bring this to the attention of our officials, the better chance we have of being heard.

So please enlist as many people as you can, individuals, groups, friends and fellow patriots.