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Helmand Drugs Seizures for 2012

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Counter-narcotics work continues in support of GIRoA’s policy on poppy eradication. In the last 12 months (January 2012 – December 2012) coalition forces from Regional Command (South West), often in partnership with Afghan forces, have seized a total of 79, 786 kg of drugs valued at $46, 203, 853.47.

The largest amount of opium seized in one month (September) was 14421 kilograms while the largest poppy seed seizure was 1815 kilograms (June). To put these figures for the year into perspective, the total value of the drugs seized in Helmand would equate to either 92,407 AK-47s, 80,354 RPGs or 462,038 pressure plate IEDs.

Article by Regional Command Southwest