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Hawaii Five-O Disses Vets?

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Nearly two dozen World War II veterans were prevented from paying their respects to their fallen comrades due to the filming of a scene for the hit CBS series Hawaii Five-O.

According to a report from HawaiiReporter.com, the survivors arrived and noticed the filming. "Within 30 minutes of our arrival, we conducted a small ceremony that began with the presentation of the Colors by the University of Hawaii Army ROTC," the author of the report, Steffan Tubbs, wrote. However, "[t]hree hundred yards away and clearly visible to them, no one on the CBS production stopped for the anthem or any part of our program. This included the ending of our presentation – Taps and the moment of silence."

As some of the veterans, whose average age was 91, went to visit their fallen comrades buried elsewhere in the cemetery, the director of the episode exploded at the author and them proceeded to berate an assistant.