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Court Martial Panel Delivers Sentence
By Harold Hutchison

A panel of officers has sentenced Nidal Hasan to death after his conviction of 13 counts of murder by a court martial. On 5 November, 2009, Hasan opened fire on troops preparing for deployment at Fort Hood, shouting “Allah ackbar” as he began his attack.

Hasan’s court martial became the subject of controversy due to the fact that Hasam was still allowed to collect his salary while awaiting trial, the removal of the first judge to hear the case after he ordered Hasan to shave his beard, and the judge’s ruling that Hasan’s contact with Anwar al-Awlaki could not be mentioned in court.

A number of the 30 people wounded have sued the Obama Administration over its characterization of the attack as “workplace violence” as opposed to being a terrorist attack. The designation rendered the wounded ineligible for Purple Hearts and a number of benefits.