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High-Ranking Taliaban Leader Killed in Kunar Province
By Harold Hutchison

A high-ranking Taliban leader was killed in Kunar province during a weekend that proved deadly for both sides in Operation Enduring Freedom. IED attacks killed six Americans, including a diplomat delivering books to a school.

Haji Matin was involved in a number of significant insurgency operations and was personally responsible for moving insurgent fighters into Afghanistan and directing their activities in Kunar province. He maintained operational control over a significant number of local fighters responsible for the execution of civilian supporters of the Afghan government, assassination attempts against Afghan National Security Force officials, and multiple attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.

ISAF also captured a facilitator for a number of terrorist groups in Takhar province, including the Taliban and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. ISAF also confirmed that in a separate operation in that province, a facilitator for the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Juma Kahn, was killed. A well-known insurgent in Wardak Province, Juma Gul, was also captured.

ISAF’s Regional Command East reported that over the last three days, forces under its command had captured seven insurgents, disarmed 13 IEDs, and discovered two weapons caches. One of the caches had four improvised explosive devices in it.