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Gurkha Mercs Fight Side By Side With the British Troops In Afghanistan Against the Taliban

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The Gurkha Riffles, The tough irregular force recruited mainly from Nepal during the British Empire. The force was established as the 1st King George’s Own Gurkha Rifles in 1815. The units became a significant part of the British Indian Army and they continue to be employed by India to the tune of 50,000 troops. The Gurkhas have created the same mystique as the French Foreign Legion and both are accepted as legitimate mercenary forces by most countries and the United Nations.
200000 Gurkhas fought with the Brits in WW!. Ten percent died. Since their establishment, the Gurkhas have fought globally with their British patrons. We have met up with several of their teams in various conflicts including during the dissolution of the former Soviet Union.
Much of their mystique is their exotic characteristics that help them blend in with many of the tribesmen throughout the world. Gurkhas adapt to their surroundings like Chameleons and relate to many non western cultures. They have earned their badge of courage and professionalism. SOF would fight alongside the Gurkhas any day.
In this video, they fight side by side with the British against the Taliban.