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Gun Rights

Press bias v. gun shows in Washington surfaces?

Did press bias burst forth in coverage about trooper murder weapon?

Has press bias against gun shows burst forth in coverage appearing in several Puget Sound-area newspapers regarding the source of the murder weapon used by cop-killer Joshua Blake in February against State Trooper Tony Radulescu?


Article by Dave Workman

Urban v. rural in wolf war

Seattle urban v. Washington rural in wolf war

The Seattle Times is finally catching up on its wolf war coverage, but public reaction to Friday’s wolf update about plans to kill at least four of the predators is as interesting, if not moreso – and telling – than the story.


Article by Dave Workman

Ban guns, boo God

Ban guns, boo God; is that the image Democrats want?

Wednesday saw an affirmation of sorts that the far left-tilting Democrat party has full-tilt embraced Barack Obama’s 2008 sneer about Americans who cling to their guns or religion when, over the course of a single day, a powerful party leader announced a new move against gun rights, while convention delegates booed the notion of restoring a reference to God and language about Jerusalem in the party platform.


Fast & Furious hearing on 9-11

Bad omen? Report on Fast & Furious to be discussed on 9-11

The investigative debacle that supplied some 2,000 guns to drug cartel gunmen who have been terrorizing northern Mexico will be discussed on Capitol Hill on the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.


Article by Dave Workman

Sikh At Temple Tried To Stop Shooter

Out of the wake of the tragic shooting at a Wisconsin Sikh temple comes news that one of the members most likely tried to stop the shooter with his Kirpan, a knife carried by Sikh men to remind them to defend the weak and oppressed, and provide them the means to do so. Ironically enough, nanny-state oppression has forced these Sikh men to wear shorter, blunted versions of the Kirpan.

Contrast between parties on gun rights

Contrast between parties on gun rights positions says it all

An editorial in the Sunday Charlotte Observer essentially says everything anyone needs to know about the contrast between Republican and Democrat positions on gun rights that should clarify which party is more eagerly courting gun owners from the Southeast to the Northwest.


Article by VOA News

Concealed Carrying Grandfather Stops Armed Robbery

A 57-year-old man with a concealed carry permit and the sidearm to go with it was shopping at a Dollar General when two armed robbers showed up and, we can only assume, said "This is a stick-up!" They were wrong about that, it wasn't a stick-up, it was a gunfight. And they lost. The grandfather with the dangerous, child-murdering, warmongering pistol sprang into action and fired on the robbers, striking one twice and killing him. The other robber fled, but has been found and will most likely be charged with the murder of his accomplice.

Eastwood's empty chair allegory

Clint Eastwood at RNC: Rambling geriatric or remarkable genius?

…Eastwood is an Academy Award winner, but remember, not as an actor. His awards are for directing, because he is a visual artist; someone who tells a story with images, and he is very good at it. He is a master of allegory, and his masterpieces are combinations of words and symbolism.


Article by Dave Workman

A gun comes in handy at times....

Better to have a gun and not need it than…

If news accounts about the rescue of Mountlake Terrace hiker Tim Bailey are accurate, the 32-year-old owes a big part of his safe return from the wilds of Olympic National Park to the handgun he was carrying.


Article by Dave Workman