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Gun Rights

Fast & Furious update and more dead

Fast & Furious: The gift that keeps on giving

More than two years after the murder of a Border Patrol agent cracked the lid on a gun trafficking scandal that would bring down careers, hound the attorney general and force Capitol Hill hearings, the mismanaged Operation Fast and Furious continues to provide one thing that may haunt the Obama administration for years: Dead bodies.


Article by Dave Workman

Armed Confrontation Stopped the Killing Sprees of Two "Active Shooters"

Lost in the horror of our twin nightmares - Oregon's Clackamas Town Center shootings (Dec. 11) and Connecticut's Newtown elementary school massacre (Dec. 14) is that armed intervention -at both shootings- halted MORE slaughter of innocents and prompted both killers to commit suicide.

Are Companies Caving?

Cerberus Groups announces it will sell Freedom Group, which includes a number of companies that make AR-15-type rifles, including DPMS and Bushmaster. Then Dick's and CheaperThanDirt.com announce they will halt firearms sales. Are companies caving in the face of an anti-gun assault?

Full-court press by Seattle libs to gut state laws

Full-court press by Seattle liberals to gut state gun laws

Seattle liberals are joining the nationwide full-court press led by anti-gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to gut American gun laws, undermine Second Amendment rights and push their prohibitionist agenda by exploiting the tragedy in Newtown, Conn.


Article by Dave Workman

Time for a serious discussion

Time for serious debate about guns and school safety

Forty-eight hours after the horrific massacre of innocent children and courageous teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut is not too soon to have a serious debate about guns, gun rights and school safety.


Article by Dave Workman


Anti-Gun Extremists Will Be Coming In Force
By Harold Hutchison

On 14 December, a crazed gunman forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty innocent children were killed, along with seven adults in a horrific American tragedy. Grief ripped across the entire country, as all Americans tried to make sense of a horribly senseless act.

The delusion of a "no guns allowed" sign

Delusional thinking behind ‘gun-free’ zone signs

With 12 days remaining until Christmas, perhaps Santa can bring some common sense to the self-deluded people who believe that a “guns prohibited” sign at the doorway of a shopping mall, big box store, supermarket or restaurant is going to prevent a lunatic or angry ex-boyfriend or an obsessed stalker from walking in and causing mayhem.


Article by Dave Workman

Page Nine No. 117 -- SPECIAL - Fast/Furious Smuggler Gets One-Month Sentence

"Fast and Furious" Sentence Sparks Outrage

One-Month-Per-Gun Is Unprecedented

Plea Bargain Instead of Trial Stuns Public

Sentence Lighter Than Citizens Get for Paperwork Errors

Smuggler's Guns Involved in Agent Terry's Murder

Drug Lords Laughing at Us

"News" media ask no questions, see no problems

Ill. Gov. using straw man arguments

Illinois governor uses straw man arguments against court carry ruling

Avowed anti-gun Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is using straw man arguments to obfuscate the dilemma he and state lawmakers have been handed by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the state’s ban on carrying firearms outside the home for protection is unconstitutional.


Article by Dave Workman