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Gun Rights

Yonkers NY gun owner: 'I feel like sex offender'

Exclusive: Outed Yonkers, N.Y. gun owner says ‘I feel like a sex offender’

When the Journal News in Westchester County, N.Y. published the names and addresses of gun permit holders in two counties recently, one of those citizens, Vincent R. Suppa of Yonkers, had a visceral reaction.


Article by Dave Workman

Hunting Safety an Imperative

Who'd have known - deer are the most hunted animal in the United States.

According to most recent National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, more than 10 million deer hunters applied for hunting licenses during 2006. That figure is nearly four times greater than that for turkey, the second most-hunted species. In terms of population, approximately one in every 25 Americans over age 16 and eight in 10 registered hunters look for deer every year.

With that many firearms in the woods, safety in the field is critical.

Buyback hypocrisy

‘Buyback’ epitomizes the hypocrisy of gun prohibitionists

Are Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and King County Executive Dow Constantine about to engage on a monumental piece of hypocrisy with their “no questions asked” gun buyback program?


Article by Dave Workman


Anti-Gunners Have An Effective Weapon – How Can We Counter It?
By Harold Hutchison

With the news that former Representative Gabrielle Giffords is starting a gun-control group, it is time to face the facts. Anti-gunners have a powerful weapon in their crusade to take away your gun rights – and it is often the stories about victims of thugs and nutcases who have misused firearms. In a sense, it has motivated many of the most prominent anti-gunners.

EXPLOITING NEWTOWN: Anti-Gun Push in Colorado

Updated information on anti-Second Amendment bills in the 2013 Colorado Legislature:

We can expect 14 to 20 anti-gun bills. The current Democrat package includes:

● A ban on an undetermined number of semi-automatic firearms (No grandfather clause)
● A ban on magazines of over ten rounds (No grandfather clause).
● Making an individual with a violent misdemeanor a "prohibited person" re: gun ownership.
● A ban on private sales by requiring universal background checks.
● A waiting period on background checks that will kill gun shows.


Manipulating Our Schools and Doctors Against the Second Amendment
By Harold Hutchison

The anti-gunners are coming at your Second Amendment rights from all angles now. It isn’t just the Hollywood stars or the anti-gun politicians or activists that you have to worry about – now the fight is coming from a number of other angles. It could even be your local PTA!

Gun buybacks may be deceptive political theater

Gun ‘buybacks’ may be deceptive political theater

One day after conservative and gun rights groups announced a national “Gun Appreciation Day” on Jan. 19 – two days before Barack Obama’s second inauguration, timed perhaps not so coincidentally with Martin Luther King Day – several organizations in Seattle and King County are announcing a gun buyback program that may be more flash than substance.


Article by Dave Workman


The NRA’s Idea Might Just Work
By Harold Hutchison

When the NRA announced the National School Shield Program on 21 December, it did so under fire. At least two protestors, one of them Medea Benjamin from Code Pink, interrupted NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s speech announcing their effort to secure our nation’s schools. The interruptions and the knee-jerk opposition to the NRA’s program tended to distract from what is the most important question: Will it work?


Is America tumbling toward ‘Arms-ageddon?’

America’s front-page fight over gun rights versus gun prohibition could be tumbling foolishly toward a revolution, if one were to believe respected long time conservative commentator and one-time presidential candidate Pat Buchanan.


Article by Dave Workman