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Gun Rights

Obama Unveils Plan to Curb Gun Violence

U.S. President Barack Obama is taking aim at gun violence with a comprehensive set of proposals expected to ignite a political fight with pro-gun groups and their supporters.

Obama called keeping children safe "our first task as a society," adding that if even one life can be saved by reducing gun violence, it is the country's obligation to try.

Obama announcement to come Wednesday

Obama, Biden to use children as backdrop to gun control scheme

Fifteen minutes before high noon Wednesday, President Barack Obama is scheduled to announce what some news agencies are describing as a “sweeping set of gun control measures” and he will use children as a backdrop.


Article by Dave Workman


Obama Can Still Attack The Second Amendment Without Congress
By Harold Hutchison

In 1998, as Bill Clinton found many of his big legislative initiatives blocked by Congress, he turned to executive orders to move a left-wing agenda forward. As one advisor, Paul Begala put it, “Strike of the pen, law of the land.” But could that be used to ban guns today? While Obama has used executive orders to bypass Congress on issues like welfare reform and immigration, there are real limits to the extent he can use those powers.

How much more 2A erosion will people accept?

How much more erosion of Second Amendment will people accept?

As the firearms industry gathers here in Las Vegas for the opening day of the 2013 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) show, there are quiet conversations all ending with the ultimate question: Just how much more are we going to accept?


Article by Dave Workman

Biden Proposals Include Framework for Gun Registry & Confiscation

Biden Proposals Include Framework for Gun Registry and Confiscation

Up to 50-80% of all guns in circulation could be covered

Press reports now make it clear what Vice President Joe Biden’s gun control package will look like. Biden wants to impose:


Some “Pro-Gunners” Make Anti-Gunners’ Points For Them
By Harold Hutchison

When Alex Jones faced off against Piers Morgan, he ultimately handed the British-born host a major lifeline caused by his poor treatment of GOA’s Larry Pratt, and his bloviating on gun control. Like it or not, how spokesmen (and women) for the Second Amendment present their case is extremely important. While we’d like to believe the truth can stand on its own, the sad fact is, perception can overshadow truth.

Worse idea than guns on campus? Oh, yeah...

A worse idea than guns on campus? Here are a couple

A Sunday editorial in the Bloomington, Ind., Herald-Times suggested that there are some “bad ideas…proposed in the Indiana General Assembly, and it’s harder to think of a worse one than guns on campus.”


Article by Dave Workman

Anti-gunners move against FIRST Amendment!

Anti-gunners move to silence firearms owners on Jan. 19!

Anti-gunners not only want to erase the Second Amendment, now they are trying to deprive firearms owners of their First Amendment rights by petitioning – through MoveOn.org – the National Rifle Association to stop the nationwide Gun Appreciation Day (GAD) on Jan. 19.


Article by Dave Workman


State Could Take A Stand
By Harold Hutchison

Wyoming could pass legislation negating a federal semi-auto ban if a bill introduces in the state legislature is passed. The bill, HB 104, could create a 21st century nullification crisis if it were to become law. The legislation is introduces as gun-grabbers are proposing sweeping bills in Congress and state legislatures.