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Gun Rights

Outdoor Channel to End Production in Colorado

An executive producer and host for the Outdoor Channel, Michael Bane, notified the Senate Republican Caucus that if the package of Democrat proposed gun bills passes, the OC will be moving all production out of Colorado. They currently have four series in production including the OC’s most popular show Gun Stories.

HB 1588 bogged down on background checks

Background check bill bogged down by backlash

Developments over the weekend ramped up opposition to House Bill 1588, the controversial “universal background check” measure in Olympia, and efforts to pass the measure through the House of Representatives bogged down even after – or perhaps because – Gov. Jay Inslee visited the House chamber to twist some arms.


Article by Dave Workman


Remember Mark Kelly’s Purchase
By Harold Hutchison

When someone spends one day pushing for the Bloomberg-inspired gun grab in Colorado, then two days later, speaks at an anti-gun rally, what do you think he did in between? In the case of Mark Kelly, the anti-gun zealot who has been leveraging the tragic wounding of his wife, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, he bought a couple of guns – a M1911 and an AR-15.

Full court press on background checks

Full court press on background checks

A confidential source in Olympia advised Examiner over the weekend that Vice President Joe Biden may be calling some wavering Democrats Monday to encourage their support for a “universal background check” bill…


Article by Dave Workman

Senate Republicans Defeat Anti-gun Obama Court Nominee

Senator Cornyn leads battle
against Veterans Gun Ban

There’s been a lot of gun news this week. Votes in the full Senate. Votes in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The gun battle has finally begun.

But first, we start with an incredible victory.

Halligan goes down to defeat


Breaks Off Talks On Bipartisan Background Check Deal
By Harold Hutchison

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) has broken off talks on a bi-partisan bill involving expanded background checks, and has instead filed legislation of his own without input from the other Senators involved. The move comes as the anti-gun agenda in Congress is increasingly being held up.

Background check breakdown

Background check breakdown, local and federal

Days after it appeared that a proposed expansion of the background check had hit a major speed bump in Olympia, a similar proposal before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has also run into trouble as Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) has refused to make a deal on the measure because it contains a record-keeping provision.


Article by Dave Workman

Gun prohibitionists in trouble?

Elway poll, public comments show gun prohibitionists in trouble

An Elway Poll showing strong public support in Washington State for the rights of gun owners over efforts to control guns, and public comments in the Seattle Times about the fate of a background check measure now in trouble in Olympia suggest that anti-gunners may face tougher opposition to their agenda than previously thought.


Article by Dave Workman