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Gun Rights

Feinstein flop: Ban bill dropped

DiFi dissed as Dems drop gun ban from agenda

Anti-gun California Sen. Dianne Feinstein is wearing a long face today after learning from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that her coveted ban on so-called “assault weapons” will not be part of the Democrats’ gun control package in April.


Article by Dave Workman

Is Bloomberg getting it?

Is Bloomberg starting to ‘get it’ about semi-auto rifles?

Buried in a new CNN report about anti-gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s sudden shift of attention almost totally to background checks is an indication that the Big Apple billionaire may be starting to understand the futility of arguing that a ban on semiautomatic rifles will have much of an impact on deadly crime.


Article by Dave Workman


Will Be An Amendment Instead
By Harold Hutchison

A proposed semi-auto and magazine ban pushed by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) may have a harder time securing passage through the Senate because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) made the decision to exclude the ban from the Senate gun bill.

According to HotAir.com, Feinstein complained about the decision by Reid. The legislation will still be offered as an amendment to the underlying background check bill. This may be more about strategy on Reid’s part, though.

Colorado: Governor Could Sign Anti-Gun Bills Any Day, Contact Him NOW

Governor John Hickenlooper is the absolute last chance to stop anti-gun bills from becoming law in Colorado!

Governor John Hickenlooper (D) has the power to veto three extreme anti-gun bills that are expected to be signed into law this week. Governor Hickenlooper needs to hear from you NOW opposing this legislation before it’s too late.

The following bills are before Governor Hickenlooper awaiting his signature into law:

House Bill 1224 – Bans magazines with a capacity greater than fifteen rounds and would make a magazine with a removable floor plate illegal.

U.N. fires up global gun control...again

U.N. global gun control effort begins anew

New talks about an old subject – international gun control – begin today at the United Nations in New York, and sure to be involved at some point is the Bellevue-based International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights (IAPCAR)…


Article by Dave Workman

Gasp! A felon with a stolen gun! No background check....

Seattle police shocker: Felon arrested with stolen gun

The Seattle Times and on-line Seattle P-I.com reported Sunday afternoon that an unidentified felon was arrested by Seattle Police after making telephone threats to shoot someone, and when he was searched, a stolen pistol was found in his pocket.


Article by Dave Workman


Will Obama Go For Back-Door Gun Grabs?
By Harold Hutchison

Not even a year after the last round of negotiations, the United Nations is again trying to negotiate an Arms Trade Treaty. The NRA has been monitoring the negotiations, promising to oppose any effort to impose limits on civilian gun ownership.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon welcomed negotiators, saying, “I am confident that member states will overcome their differences and muster the political will needed to agree on this landmark treaty.”



Amendments Reveal True Agenda
By Harold Hutchison

While everyone’s attention was focused on the temper-tantrum Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) threw when called out on her lack of respect for the Constitution by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Chuck Schumer added extreme amendments to his background-check bill. The result is the creation of what would amounts to booby-traps for law-abiding citizens.