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Gun Rights

Cal. AG Harris wants court to reverse CCW rights

California AG Harris asks Peruta CCW reversal as SCOTUS eyes N.J.

Anti-gun California Attorney General Kamala Harris late yesterday asked the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to “review and reverse” its ruling on concealed carry in the Peruta v. San Diego County case – causing a flood of applications in two counties – while the Supreme Court could decide as soon as mid-April whether to hear a similar New Jersey case.


Article by Dave Workman

Cops losing guns is nothing new...and there are no background checks

New report on old problem: Cops losing guns

A report in Tuesday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the number of guns lost by agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives gained traction when Fox News picked it up yesterday, and it is reminiscent of an embarrassing incident involving former Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske…


Article by Dave Workman


Can We Trust it With Anything More Dangerous than a Snow-Cone?
By Harold Hutchison

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, already reeling from slimy store-front stings that exploited mentally disabled individuals and Operation Fast & Furious, is now reeling with a new public-relations disaster. This time, it involves losing firearms.

Crime down, lawmakers head to the gun range - No, seriously!

With violent crime down, state lawmakers hit the gun range

Yesterday’s “Legislative Shootout” at the Littlerock gun range south of Olympia, covered by KOMO, KING, The Gun Mag and this column, came just hours after the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms touted the latest preliminary crime figures from the FBI showing violent crime down while gun sales have climbed.


Article by Dave Workman

Cases show 'background check' futility

Two cases exemplify shortfalls of ‘universal background checks’

Two pending criminal cases in Seattle – one reported yesterday by the Seattle P-I.com and the other from early last week on the Seattle Police Blotter – underscore the futility of so-called “universal background checks” because the suspects in both capers have criminal records, and both cases involve guns that were not obtained through legitimate channels.


Article by Dave Workman


Ukrainian Gun Owners Seek Protection of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
By Harold Hutchison

Ukrainian gun owners are seeking to enact a version of the Second Amendment into that country’s constitution. The call for the provision comes shortly after Viktor Yanukovych was forced out of office, and fled Kiev for Kharkov.

According to reports by Breitbart News, the Ukrainian Gun Owners Association declared that it would push for what they called “an unconditional right” for “Ukrainian citizens to bear arms.”

Anti-gun Cal. senator faces charges; SCOTUS turns down 3 cases for review

Anti-gun Calif. state senator to face corruption charges


Still Retains Restrictive Policy
By Harold Hutchison

Despite a court ruling that struck down its restrictive policy on issuing concealed-carry permits, San Diego County is still requiring “good cause” for the permits.

Piers pulling plug...Bombastic Brit bidding buh bye

CNN pulling Piers’ plug, or playing ratings game?

The New York Times reported yesterday, and the Times of London confirmed earlier today that CNN and Piers Morgan may be parting company, only four days after this column questioned if it was time he went home, and provided readers with a link to send their sentiments to the cable network.


Article by Dave Workman