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Gun Rights

Auburn shooting and 'gun control'

Auburn shooting underscores problem with ‘feel good’ gun laws

A man identified by the Tacoma News Tribune as Troy Neal, 28, is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday in relation to his apparent involvement in a fatal shooting incident outside an Auburn sports bar early Sunday; a case that underscores the futility of “feel good” gun laws that target the wrong people.


Article by Dave Workman


Start of a UN Gun Grab?
By Harold Hutchison

After negotiations to build a consensus failed, the UN General Assembly rammed through the Arms Trade Treaty by a vote of 154 to 3, with 23 abstentions. The only three “no” votes were Syria, Iran, and North Korea.

The Obama Administration abandoned its insistence upon consensus late Thursday, paving the way for the General Assembly to ram through the treaty.


Semi-Auto Ban, Permit to Purchase Ammo Among Provisions
by Harold Hutchison

Connecticut will have some of the most restrictive gun laws after a bi-partisan deal was struck. The legislation will include not only a semi-auto ban, but will require registration of magazines holding more than ten rounds.

The legislation is being hailed by gun-control groups. “We have to be satisfied. There are still other things that we want, we'll be back for in later sessions,” Rob Pinciaro, the executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence, was quoted as saying in an AP report.

GOA to NRA: Please Urge Senators to Support the Paul-Cruz-Lee Filibuster

GOA to NRA Leadership:

Please Urge Senators to Support the Paul-Cruz-Lee Filibuster

We are going into a battle which will determine the future of gun control for the next decade - and perhaps for the rest of our lifetime.

Here's the status: On or around April 8, Harry Reid will move to proceed to S. 649. That "base bill" contains the Veterans Gun Ban, which could send you to prison for 15 years if you sell a gun to a veteran, without realizing he has PTSD. The bill will also contain the Schumer version of Universal Gun Registries.


O’Malley Pushes Sweeping Bill
By Harold Hutchison

Ignoring wide-spread grass-roots opposition, Democrats in the Maryland State Legislature rammed through sweeping legislation that includes a gun ban. The sweeping bill was rushed into passage over the Easter holiday weekend.

GOA Alert: Your Activism is having an Impact, but it's no Time to Let Up!

Take time this Good Friday to give thanks for His many blessings

“It now should be clear who is winning - indeed, who has won - the latest skirmish in the gun control wars.” - Roll Call, March 28, 2013

Just a couple of months ago, many in our nation’s capital thought that new gun control restrictions were inevitable.

But now, here we are at the end of March, and the gun grabbers are dispirited and in retreat:

* Roll Call newspaper said yesterday that gun control supporters are “poised to fail, yet again, in their efforts to pass significant new legislation.”

Gottlieb to Obama: 'Shame on YOU!'

CCRKBA’s Gottlieb fires back: ‘Shame on you, Mr. President!’

In a blistering press release responding to Thursday’s declaration by President Barack Obama that America should be ashamed if we have forgotten the Sandy Hook tragedy, Bellevue gun rights advocate Alan Gottlieb says it is the president who ought to be ashamed.


Article by Dave Workman

Bloomy ad critics 'jumped the gun'

Bloomberg ad not all its critics claim; Colorado boycott update

A controversial advertisement paid for by anti-gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not all many of its critics have claimed, specifically that an actor holding a shotgun in the spot has his finger on the trigger of the Remington Model 870 pump shotgun he is holding.


Article by Dave Workman


Reinforcements for Rand Paul!
By Harold Hutchison

Two more Senators announced plans to join a filibuster in opposition to proposed gun-control legislation, the day after Senator Rand Paul and two others first made their intentions known. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and James Inhofe (R-OK) announced their decision yesterday.