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Gun Rights


Defense Distributed Site Forced To Take Down Designs
By Harold Hutchison

Defense Distributed, which had made a mark by producing a single-shot pistol known as the Liberator in the wake of successfully producing an AR-15 lower receiver and magazine, has been forced to pull a number of its designs off the internet by the State Department.

According to the London Daily Mail, over 100,000 people downloaded the blueprints for the Liberator. The development of the pistol prompted hysterics from anti-gun members of Congress, including Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY).

Media spin begins

Liberal media spin on gun crime studies cranks up

Liberal anti-gun media spinmeisters wasted no time yesterday spinning the results of two reports on gun-related homicides – released Tuesday by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Pew Research Center – in an attempt to perpetuate the establishment argument that guns are bad and must be controlled.


Article by Dave Workman

GOA ALERT: Senators may resurrect defeated gun control after making cosmetic changes

"A source close to the Senate negotiations [says] that two senators who voted against the background check bill would vote for it after minor, superficial changes." — Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC, May 6, 2013

ACTION: Senators who voted pro-gun last month are under intense pressure by Senate Democrats and Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s hit ads to switch their votes. We need to keep applying the heat and let them know that gun owners are ready to help in any Senate campaign, no matter which state, to defeat ANY SENATOR who votes for gun control.


Gun-Grabber Introduces New Law
By Harold Hutchison

Reloaders and those who use antique firearms, mostly muzzle-loaders, could soon find themselves facing background checks to buy powder if one of the most anti-gun senators has his way. Senator Frank Lautenberg has introduced legislation that will place black powder substitutes and smokeless powder under 18 USC Chapter 40, which governs explosives.

ATF reaction to 3-D guns

ATF responds to growing interest in 3-D printer guns

Days after a Texas company released a video purporting to show the test firing of a gun created on a 3-D printer, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has released some information on how the agency will deal with this new technology.


Article by Dave Workman

Gun prohibitionists lied...

Gun homicides down, gun ownership up = Gun banners lied!

Two days after the National Rifle Association’s record-breaking annual convention in Houston, during which NRA leaders were vilified and gun prohibitionists cranked up the volume of their gun ban rhetoric, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) released data that effective blows Titanic-sized holes in the gun control agenda.


Article by Dave Workman

Miller book coming on getting her gun

Miller doing book on getting a gun in D.C.

Emily Miller, the award-winning senior editor for opinion at the Washington Times who exposed the deliberately complicated and discouraging-by-design handgun regulations in the District of Columbia, will soon publish a book based on her newspaper series, appropriately titled “Emily Gets Her Gun.”


Article by Dave Workman

LAPIERRE: Never give up our guns

NRA’s LaPierre: ‘We will never surrender our guns!’

A defiant Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, told an enthusiastic audience today that gun owners will “never sacrifice our freedom upon the altar of elitist acceptance, and we will never surrender our guns, never!”


Article by Dave Workman

NRA meeting opens

As NRA meet opens, Holder tries to outdraw Kansas

As the National Rifle Association’s weekend convention in Houston opens today, anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder has been quick on the draw to declare a new firearms statute in Kansas “unconstitutional” with a threat to fight it in court.


Article by Dave Workman