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Gun Rights

Fast & Furious redux

Grassley blasts DOJ treatment of ‘Gunwalking’ whistleblower

Senator Charles Grassley, who launched the first Capitol Hill investigation of Operation Fast and Furious more than two years ago, today blasted the treatment of a chief whistleblower in the investigation by the former U.S. attorney in Arizona, and subsequent attempts to discredit him by the Justice Department.


Article by Dave Workman


Dodson Targeted By Former U.S. Attorney
By Harold Hutchison

ATF Special Agent John Dodson blew the whistle on Operation Fast & Furious, risking his career and retribution from the Obama Justice Department, which had hoped to use Fast & Furious to push for new restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. Now, the Justice Department’s Inspector General is reporting that the Justice Department may have retaliated.

Beretta's Statement on SB281

Martin O'Malley signed a sweeping anti-gun bill in Maryland. Beretta has issued its response to the bill-signing. Here at SOF, we salute Beretta for standing with law-abiding gun owners and wish them the best.

Pro-Gun Candidate Defeats Bloomberg Mayor in Omaha

The NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) congratulates City Councilman Jean Stothert for winning the highly contested Omaha mayoral race on Tuesday.

This election represents a great victory for the Second Amendment. NRA-PVF endorsed Jean Stothert defeated incumbent Mayor Jim Suttle, earning 57% of the popular vote compared to Suttle’s 42%.

Colorado sheriffs sue over gun laws!

Colo. sheriffs sue to overturn new state gun, magazine limit laws

This morning in Denver, 54 Colorado sheriffs and other plaintiffs including disabled gun owners, will file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Centennial State’s new laws affecting sales and temporary transfer of firearms, and placing limits on magazine capacity.


Article by Dave Workman

The myth of a 'waning gun culture'

‘Waning gun culture’ in U.S. may be myth

A well-known firearms researcher punched a pinhole in what may be one of the biggest myths being propagated by the gun prohibition lobby and repeated by the mainstream press when he noted today that the news media “ignore their own reports” that show gun ownership is increasing.


Article by Dave Workman

Punish the perp

Treat gun violators like DUI and punish the perpetrator

Today’s Seattle Times reports that the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) wants to ratchet down on the legal limit for blood alcohol to reduce the number of fatal traffic accidents involving drunk drivers, leading some gun rights advocates to wonder why gun crime is treated differently.


Article by Dave Workman

Washington tops 426,000 CPLS

CPL figure skyrockets 15K in a single month

More than 426,000 active Washington concealed pistol licenses are now in circulation, up a staggering 15,289 in the month since Examiner last checked with the state Department of Licensing (DOL), confirming what various sources in law enforcement say about the volume of applications and renewals, and the work overload to process them.


Article by Dave Workman

Benghazi, IRS scandals take spotlight from gun control

Could Benghazi, ‘IRS-gate’ derail Obama gun control agenda?

Could the twin eruption of the Benghazi and IRS scandals over the past few days derail the Obama administration’s gun control agenda, despite the insistence of Vice President Joe Biden that at least four U.S. Senators are willing to revive gun regulation proposals on Capitol Hill?


Article by Dave Workman