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Why Washington initiative will get national attention

Why Washington gun control initiative will get national attention

The 15-page gun control initiative filed yesterday by the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility will get national attention for several reasons, but perhaps the most important of those is because billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) wants to see how it works here before trying it somewhere else.


Article by Dave Workman


To provide balance to the constant promotional drumbeat the media has supplied for the inaccurately named Phoenix gun buyback (you can't buy back something you never owned), this two-part series will examine what's really occurring in the mysteriously funded city-supported gun buy ups in Phoenix.


Protests Against Islamist PM Continue, Met With Force
By Harold Hutchison

Turkish police pushed past barricades and attacked protestors who had been in Istanbul’s Taksim Square for ten days. The protestors had been opposing the government lead by Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan has been leading the Justice and Development Party, which has some Islamist leanings.

The police used water cannons and tear gas. Is Turkey – a NATO ally – the next country to explode into chaos?

NW activists join Nevada background check fight

NW gun activists help fight Nevada background check bill

While Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is reportedly mulling whether to sign or veto an expanded background check bill today, Northwest gun rights activists are throwing their weight behind efforts to convince the Republican governor to veto the measure while the Huffington Post yesterday noted that gun control groups are also applying pressure.


Article by Dave Workman

Nothing happend after Sandy Hook ????

Six months after Sandy Hook and nothing has happened?

The Associated Press reported today that gun control advocates are marking the six month anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy by lamenting that nothing has been done to prevent such actions from happening in the future.


Article by Dave Workman

Anti-gun measure to WA legislature

Gun control measure goes to legislature today, says KING

A proposed gun control measure backed by big money Seattle venture capitalist Nick Hanauer will reportedly be submitted to the Washington legislature in Olympia today, according to KING 5 News.


Article by Dave Workman

Armed citizen project brings out Seattle anti-gun arrogance

Armed Citizen Project in Houston v. unarmed arrogance in Seattle

A story in Saturday’s Seattle Times on-line edition about the Armed Citizen Project in Houston, Tex., is getting the kind of reaction one might expect from holier-than-thou Seattle liberals who consider “gun” a four-letter word.


Article by Dave Workman

You Could Encourage the Nevada Governor to Veto Gun Control!

Encourage the Nevada Governor to Veto Gun Control!
Gov. Sandoval is sticking his finger in the wind,
trying to decide whether to issue veto

You don’t even have to live in Nevada.

But you should know that Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval (R) is trying to decide whether he should sign or veto SB 221, a bill so extreme that the left-of-center United States Senate even voted down a version of it.

If he signs this Universal Background Check bill, it will have ramifications for you -- even if you don’t live in the Silver State.


Morse Faces Recall Election
By Harold Hutchison

An anti-gun State Senator in Colorado facing a recall slammed grassroots activists who turned in 16,000 signatures on recall petition. John Morse, the State Senate President who helped ram through a gun-grabbing agenda supported by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, took to Twitter Tuesday.

Invoking the mass shootings at an Aurora movie theater and Sandy Hook Elementary School, Morse vowed to fight the recall. Bloomberg’s group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is expected to be involved if a recall election is certified.