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Gun Rights


Senators Hoeven and Corker Wave the White Flag of Surrender

Senators Hoeven and Corker Wave the
White Flag of Surrender
Gun owners must oppose their sell-out amendment

Senators John Hoeven (R-ND) and Bob Corker (R-TN) have made anti-gun New York Senator Chuck Schumer a very happy man. They are frantically working to give Schumer the 70 votes he needs to send his amnesty bill to the House with momentum.

And, if that bill were to be signed into law, it would add 8.4 million anti-gun voters to the rolls, and make gun registration, bans, and confiscation inevitable within 20 years.

Here’s where we stand:

Bloomberg's 'No More Names' list includes cop killers, criminals

More Bloomy outrage: Cop killers, other criminals on ‘gun victim’ list

Astonishment has turned to outrage this morning over the “gun victim list” being pandered by the “No More Names” bus tour financed by anti-gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, following revelations that the list also includes the name of two alleged California cop-killers and several other criminals justifiably shot by police.


Article by Dave Workman

We're Winning on Guns and Amnesty

We're Winning on Guns and Amnesty
But we need to cut off Obama’s escape routes

“The reason President Obama's gun control proposals were killed [is] because hundreds of thousands of Americans began slamming the phone lines, and all of the Senators that were leaning towards supporting it suddenly said, ‘Holy cow, the folks back home don't like this.’ [There] is nothing more powerful than the conservative grassroots when we are engaged and letting our voice be heard.”
-- Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), June 19, 2013

Goliath cries foul

Gun control Goliath cries foul as David fights back

Within hours of yesterday’s announcement that Washington State gun rights leaders were mounting a defense against a big-money gun control initiative launched last week, the well-funded Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility (WAGR) was crying foul in a blanket e-mail appealing for more money to pad its $1 million-plus war chest.



But It’s Not For Gun-Grabbing…
By Harold Hutchison

Michael Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing group has apologized – for naming one of the suspected Boston Marathon bombers as a victim of gun violence. The apology comes after an event calling for new restrictions on Second Amendment rights.

“It is outrageous that Mayor Bloomberg's gun control group is so radical and out of touch with New Hampshire values that it believes this monster should be labeled as some kind of victim,” Jennifer Horn, chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party said in a statement.

Washington gun owners fight back with I-591

Washington groups launch fight against gun control initiative

A coalition of some of the state’s firearms community leaders has launched a grassroots campaign to counter the well-financed gun control initiative backed by a Seattle-based gun control group, while also preventing firearms confiscation “by any government agency…without due process.”


Article by Dave Workman

Gun Owners Foundation Taking on Zero Tolerance in Schools

Taking on Zero Tolerance in Schools
supporting Jared Marcum against overzealous prosecutor

Gun Owners Foundation has come to the defense of a West Virginia teenager who is actually being prosecuted (a.k.a., persecuted) for his pro-gun views.

Jared Marcum wore a T-shirt to his Logan County middle school in West Virginia on April 18 -- a decision that has since sparked a national controversy.

No, Jared’s T-shirt did not depict a Muslim beheading a victim while shouting Alahu Akhbar! Such depictions of violence would violate the school’s dress code.

White House victory on gun control???

White House declaring victory on guns as Biden speaks?

The Obama administration is apparently ready to declare some kind of victory in its war on gun rights, and today Vice President Joe Biden will be offering a progress report, according to Mediaite and Buzz Feed, while the mainstream press seems silent on the situation.


Article by Dave Workman