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Gun Rights

BATFE Implicated in More Rogue Operations

From the NRA-ILA

Walters: We thought Obama was next messiah

Stunning: Walters says Obama viewed as ‘next messiah’

Last night on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live program, veteran broadcast journalist Barbara Walters made an observation so jarring that it would explain why the mainstream press – with but few exceptions – has allowed the Obama administration to dance on such scandals as Fast and Furious.


Article by Dave Workman

Seattle settles gun buyback records lawsuit; pays SAF $38K

Seattle to pay SAF $38,000 in gun buyback records dispute

Anti-gun Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn leaves office soon, and yesterday his administration agreed yesterday to pay the Second Amendment Foundation $38,000 to settle a lawsuit filed earlier this year over the city’s failure to release all public records relating to January’s gun buyback fiasco, as detailed in today’s Seattle Times.


Article by Dave Workman

Gun violence? What is that, exactly?

Troubling, deceptive dialogue on ‘gun violence’

Seattle Times columnist Jerry Large is out today with an assessment of last Thursday’s Town Hall Seattle gathering in which “a judge and several doctors/researchers affiliated with Seattle Children’s, the University of Washington and Harborview Medical Center talked about protecting children from gun violence of all kinds,” but noticeably absent were any firearms experts.


Article by Dave Workman

If lawmen are opposed, it's probably not good law

When lawmen oppose gun laws, that’s a bad signal

The New York Times reported yesterday – the same day that American gun owners observed “Guns Save Lives Day” – that hundreds of county sheriffs, including all but seven in Colorado, are refusing to enforce new laws in their states adopted in response to last year’s Sandy Hook tragedy.


Article by Dave Workman

Profile of Colorado shooter emerges

Arapahoe gunman ‘dedicated,’ ‘bright,’ ‘socialist,’ and anti-gun?

Saturday’s follow-up reports about Arapahoe High School gunman Karl Halverson Pierson describe him as a bright 18-year-old who apparently was a dedicated student, a Socialist and an anti-gunner who, one week before the Friday shooting, legally bought the pump-action shotgun.


Article by Dave Workman

Momentum builds for 'gun battle' weekend

Momentum builds for big weekend ‘gun fight’

Momentum is building across the nation for tomorrow’s anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy, with events to include vigils in Seattle and Olympia, and Sunday’s “Guns Save Lives Day” activities, and one thing is clear: gun prohibitionists have plans for Washington and other states that go well beyond passing a so-called “universal background check” initiative next fall.


Article by Dave Workman

WaPo wants to hear from you

Washington Post wants your ‘gun violence’ story

The Washington Post yesterday posted an appeal for readers to send in their personal stories about “gun violence” in what appears to be a build-up to this Saturday’s one-year anniversary of the Newtown tragedy, while a poll released by Reason today says only 16 percent of Americans think tougher gun laws would have prevented that crime.


Article by Dave Workman

Page Nine No. 130 -- Guns Save Lives censorship result, Sandy Hook day, more

Gun Bubbas are suddenly "Civil-Rights Activists"
Today, others, make room for censorship