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Gun Rights

Baseball's foul ball for gun owners

Seattle Mariners, Rep. Larsen strike out with gun owners

A report last night on KOMO that the Seattle Mariners – following a security mandate from Major League Baseball (MLB) that will apparently be in full force by 2015 – will screen all fans with metal detectors at Safeco Field starting this year has Evergreen State gun owners fuming.


Article by Dave Workman


California State Senator Seeks Ban on “30 Magazine Clip”
By Harold Hutchison

A California state senator revealed more than a desire to pass new gun laws, he revealed his complete ignorance of firearms during a press event.

According to multiple media reports, Kevin de Leon was trying to drum up support for new registration requirements when he held up a gun, saying, “This is a ghost gun. This right here has ability with a 30 caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second: 30 magazine clip in half a second.”

When an 'assault rifle' isn't an 'assault rifle'

Press hypocrisy? When an evil gun becomes acceptable

This morning’s press coverage of last night’s shooting of an armed man by a Seattle police officer reveals either local media hypocrisy or the attainment of understanding about the modern semi-auto rifle used by one officer to bring down the suspect.


Article by Dave Workman

Chicagoans want to pack hardware...

‘Nearly 10K’ CCW apps already in Chicago; Nat’l reciprocity bill on table

Nearly 10,000 Chicago-area residents have already applied for an Illinois concealed carry permit, and a weekend poll in the Idaho State Journal today shows more than 80 percent of respondents support a national concealed carry reciprocity measure…


Article by Dave Workman

Potty mouth earns crappy jail sentence

Foul-mouthed gang member sentenced; not many moms show

A Seattle gang member with a history of violence is off to prison for 76 years, according to today’s Seattle Times, but before King County Superior Court Judge Ken Schubert handed down the sentence Friday, Kevin Hubbard proved he is as careless with his mouth as he has been with guns.


Article by Dave Workman


Once again SOF has come out with endorsements for individuals running for the NRA Board of Directors. We encourage you not only to vote for these outstanding supporters of the 2nd Amendment, but to forward said endorsements to everyone on your distribution list. According to our info, the ballot issue of your NRA magazine will be mailed within the next few days. Vote for these proven, outstanding candidates. If you are not a member of the NRA join now and save your guns!

Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown
Soldier of Fortune

Moms should be careful what they demand....

SHOT 2014: It’s a wrap in Las Vegas and there’s action in Olympia

As the 2014 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show wraps up today in Las Vegas, Moms Demand Action – Washington will gather this morning to demand action on gun laws, and they just might get what they asked for…


Article by Dave Workman


Penn, Weinstein Target Second Amendment
By Harold Hutchison

Two big names in Hollywood are making statements against your gun rights. This is often typical of these A-list stars, who are able to hire armed bodyguards.

Target shooting benefits economy

Washington benefits from target shooting; van Zwoll honored

Target shooting has big bucks benefits for Washington State, according to a report released today by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which is gathered in Las Vegas for the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show.


Article by Dave Workman