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Gun Rights

Obama distancing himself from 'Gunrunner?"

Is Obama signaling that someone will be tossed under the bus?

In an interview last night with reporter Jorge Ramos of Mexico’s Univision network, President Barack Obama not only denied prior knowledge of “Project Gunrunner,” he also indicated that someone will be “held accountable” for what has turned into a major scandal that is already producing collateral diplomatic damage.


Article by Dave Workman

Magazine Confiscation in Connecticut?

Connecticut is considering legislation that would not only outlaw a number of magazines, but require them to turn any such magazines in or face felony charges.

WA State Patrol sends 'mea culpa' letter to dealers

The Washington State Patrol has issued a mea culpa letter that acknowledges the agency “clearly caused concern” among Evergreen State firearms dealers over a request that they provide names, addresses and other information about every AR-15 sale since last July 1.


Article by Dave Workman

Prohibitionists can't get their stories straight

Prohibitionists can’t get stories straight as ‘Gunrunner’ scandal unravels

One leading gun prohibitionist lauds Barack Obama for being “serious about combating gun violence” while another complains about Obama’s “lack of commitment” about stemming the flow of American guns into Mexico.

Well, which is it?


Article by Dave Workman

Letter furor continues; Deputies kill machete-wielding man

Concerns, complaints pile up over WSP gun dealer letter

Evergreen State firearms retailers are still reeling over a letter they all received from the Washington State Patrol asking for detailed information on all AR-15 rifle sales from last July until now, and a conversation with Spokane’s White Elephant today revealed that WSP investigators apparently had no concept of the amount of work they were asking retailers to do.


Article by Dave Workman

WSP letter jars gun dealers, sets off fireastorm, ATF 'not consulted'

A detective with the Washington State Patrol ignited a firestorm yesterday when licensed gundealers across the Evergreen State received a letter asking for documents listing sales of any AR15 rifle over the past nine months, along with the names and personal information of people who bought those guns.


Article by Dave Workman

Idaho House okay's guns on campus bill

Idaho House passes guns-on-campus bill

Idaho lawmakers moved one step closer to making it legal for students and faculty to have firearms on the campuses of colleges and universities, voting yesterday 41-28 on a measure that prohibits higher education facilities to ban or regulate guns.


Article by Dave Workman

Project Gunrunner Investigation expands

Pressure mounts on ATF for ‘Gunrunner’ info, answers

The chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has indicated in a letter sent yesterday to the acting head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that he will investigate the Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious controversies, and has requested all documents and information related to those operations by March 30.


Article by Dave Workman

AZ ONLY -- Gun Shows, Statutes, Ripoff, More

by Alan Korwin, Author
The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide

Huge Crossroads Gun Show Coming This Weekend
Arizona Gun Map Coming Real Soon
New Gun-Law Books Have Arrived
Taxpayer Ripoff Spotted, Korwin Gets Ink
New Gun Laws Coming, Listed Below, You Can Help
Meet mayor Phil Gordon Face-To-Face and Chat, Mar 30
Medical Pot and Guns, at Special Conference, April 14-16


--Crossroads Gun Show is coming to Glendale Arena again