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Gun Rights

Two lawsuits are better than one!

UPDATE: Have SAF, NRA lawsuits pushed IL lawmakers to reconsider concealed carry?

The double-whammy federal lawsuits in Illinois – one filed by Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation and the other by the National Rifle Association and Illinois State Rifle Association – may be responsible for this morning’s possible “attitude adjustment” in the Prairie State capitol for adoption of a concealed carry statute.


Article by Dave Workman

More allegations in Gunrunner scandal

GUNRUNNER: ATF agent tells Fox News ‘Violation of our mandate took place’

“What happened in Project Gunrunner,” Dobyns told Napolitano, “is that a violation of our mandate took place. We are told by Congress to stand in the way of violent crime and to prevent guns getting into the hands of criminals and during Gunrunner, ATF did exactly the opposite of that and armed the enemy.”


Article by Dave Workman

ALAN KORWIN: Phoenix Sued For Censoring Gun-Safety Ads

The Goldwater Institute today filed a lawsuit against the city of Phoenix, alleging unconstitutional suppression of free speech. The city in October last year had censored a set of gun-safety-training advertisements posted under contract by TrainMeAZ LLC, a coalition of members of the firearms industry. (Goldwater's announcement is at the end of this email.)

Wisconsin to debate concealed carry Thursday

WI v. WA: Concealed carry issue brings out the clichés

Sometime Thursday, Wisconsin lawmakers will be discussing a pair of bills that would legalize concealed carry and the debate over the two proposals is already steeped in rhetoric from past efforts in other states, including Washington.


Article by Dave Workman

SAF sues over interestate handgun sales ban

Bellevue v. Beltway: SAF sues over interstate handgun sales ban

Late yesterday, the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Virginia that could have nationwide implications if it is successful because it challenges the ban on interstate handgun sales.


Article by Dave Workman

BREAKING! Brady Campaign whitewashes 'Gunrunner'

BREAKING: Brady Campaign whitewashes ‘Gunrunner’ in new ‘report’

The anti-gun Brady Campaign is out today with a new report about police officer slayings that critics quickly assert contains a virtual whitewash of the Project Gunrunner scandal, calling revelations about the case “unconfirmed and disputed” while using the gun trafficking case to call for further restrictions on semiautomatic firearms and retail gun dealers.


Article by Dave Workman

Obama on border: Will he talk about Gunrunner? (Probably not!)

Obama on border today; can he explain Holder’s ‘Gunrunner’ discrepancy?

While President Obama is down on the border today talking about immigration reform, will anyone ask about a serious discrepancy in Attorney General Eric Holder’s testimony before Congress last week, during which he claimed to have not known about the Project Gunrunner controversy until a few weeks ago.


Article by Dave Workman

Brady Campaign hypocrisy

Today’s Huffington Post column by Brady Campaign President Paul Helmke is a world-class exercise in hypocrisy, and comes on the heels of yesterday’s recitation of every popular anti-gun cliché in the gun prohibitionist playbook as opponents of concealed carry legislation narrowly defeated an Illinois measure that would have allowed citizens to carry guns legally for personal protection.


Article by Dave Workman

COMMAND GUIDANCE: Cesspool Mutants Again Surface at ATF

Well, the cesspool mutants at the ATF have screwed the kitty again. They allowed thousands of guns in the U.S. bought by “straw men” under the aegis and approval of the ATF to be smuggled into Mexico, one of which was used to assassinate ICE agent Jaime Zapata. Always on the make for the “show case” case to justify their existence and requests for ever increasing budgets, this travesty, named “Project Gun Runner” ranks right up there with their wretched blunders at Waco and Ruby Ridge, along with the recent attempt to entrap Laotian freedom fighters.