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Wolves in Washington's Teanaway

WA hunters questioning origins of Teanaway wolves

This week’s announcement of a new wolf pack in the Teanaway region of Washington’s central Cascades has left the state’s hunting community suspicious, about the timing and especially about the origin of these predators and how they were discovered.


Article by Dave Workman

RKB on WoGResistance Radio!

RKB will be interviewed by David Codrea tomorrow on War on Guns Resistance Radio.

You can listen live tomorrow at 7:00 AM Arizona time. It will also be avilable as a podcast later.

Explosive Fast & Furious Allegation: Taxpayer money may have been used; FBI, DEA implicated

Melson’s explosive F&F allegations; ‘taxpayer dollars’ may have been used!

During an appearance Monday before Congressional investigators, Kenneth Melson, acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives alleged that the Department of Justice not only allowed criminals to smuggle guns to Mexico, but that “taxpayer dollars from other agencies may have financed those engaging in such activities.”


Article by Dave Workman

Mexican officials want to prosecute U.S. officials over Fast & Furious

BREAKING: Fast & Furious firestorm: Mexico wants to prosecute U.S. officials

Fox News is reporting today that some officials in Mexico would like to extradite and prosecute U.S. officials responsible for Operation Fast and Furious, because it flooded their country with guns illegally, resulting in the deaths of possibly hundreds of Mexican citizens.


Article by Dave Workman

Northwest wolf lovers may be howling today in Boise

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and its governing Commission will literally get a handful of controversy when Gem State wildlife managers present their proposals for a wolf hunt in that state, according to the Associated Press and Idaho Statesman in Boise.


Article by Dave Workman

He can't be trusted

I've just returned from the border between the United States and Mexico and I've never witnessed anything like the stinking, rotten level of murder, corruption, cover-up, and conspiracy confronting us today.

This conspiracy ignited two years ago when U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder claimed that your Second Amendment rights are to blame for the drug crimes and killings in Mexico.

Holder and other top-level Obama Administration figures -- even the President himself -- claimed that 90% of the guns used by violent drug cartels were coming from American gun dealers.


In the June and July issues of SOF, we exposed the ATF Project Gunrunner fiasco that deliberately allowed a number of guns to be “walked” into Mexico. ATF and the Obama administration were stonewalling efforts to get answers about the program. However, determined bloggers like David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh, CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson, and veteran journalist Dave Workman were able to publicize facts about the case, and point Congress in the right direction to investigate the controversial program.


Mall gunman strikes out in prison break attempt

Did Tacoma Mall gunman cheat death again in prison break attempt?

Tacoma Mall gunman Dominick Maldonado may have cheated death a second time Wednesday when he unsuccessfully tried a prison break at Clallam Bay that left a fellow inmate fatally shot by a corrections officer.


Article by Dave Workman

Dems out with a 'minority report' on gun running

Dem report on gun running follows gun control agenda, has NW link

Democrat Congressman Elijah E. Cummings’ “minority report” on gunrunning and Operation Fast and Furious offers a set of “solutions” to issues raised by an on-going probe of the failed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ sting operation that follow the gun control agenda, and it also contains a reference to a Washington gun maker, Olympic Arms.


Article by Dave Workman