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Gun Rights

'The cop heard round the world'

‘The cop heard round the world’ – Ohio incident puts law in crosshairs

Not only is a Canton, Ohio police officer under increasing fire this morning for his profanity-laden outburst at an armed citizen that now has gun rights activists from Toledo to Tacoma furious, the Buckeye State law that requires citizens to notify cops if they are armed is also being partly blamed for what happened during a video encounter that has streaked around the world over the past 24 hours.

Ohio police video causes outrage

OUTRAGE: Fury erupts over Ohio traffic stop video; NW activists join debate

A profanity-laced dash-can video from a Canton, Ohio police car that shows a street cop threatening a legally-armed citizen with felony charges, and possible execution, is racing across cyberspace at warp speed, enraging gun rights activists all over the country, including the distant Pacific Northwest.


Article by Dave Workman

More signs that Fast & Furious was fiasco...

More signs that Fast & Furious was fiasco; Dem defends Holder, deflects blame

Next Tuesday’s hearing on new revelations about Operation Fast and Furious will not be the final session, congressional sources assured this column Thursday, though that session is likely to hold plenty of fireworks.


Article by Dave Workman

3rd Fast & Furious hearing scheduled July 26

BULLETIN: Third Fast & Furious hearing set for next Tuesday

Congressman Darrell Issa’s office has just announced that a third hearing probing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive’s botched Operation Fast and Furious is scheduled next Tuesday before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.


Article by Dave Workman

Forest Service vs. Gun Owners?

The number of guns in the United States roughly equals the population. Gun owners have raised billions for wildlife conservation and public lands by paying a 10 percent tax on all gun and ammunition purchases. No other recreational community not rafters, skiers, hikers, bikers or climbers pays a special tax that helps support public lands and conservation.

People who own guns reasonably desire to use them. The right to own and use guns has no less protection than the right to speak. Civil war could not disarm this country.

More Melson: 'DOJ response to investigation was a disaster'

Fast and Furious: Melson says DOJ ‘response…was a disaster’

The acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has told congressional investigators digging into the Operation Fast and Furious gun trafficking scandal that the Department of Justice’s response to the investigation has been “a disaster.”


Article by Dave Workman

Grassley, Issa ask for documents from DEA, FBI

Momentum builds, web expands on Fast and Furious investigation

Momentum is building and the web appears to be expanding dramatically in the Congressional investigation of Operation Fast and Furious, which is now seeking communications involving senior personnel at both the FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency; developments that are being closely watched by Northwest gun rights activists


Article by Dave Workman

Fast and Furious meltdown, and efforts to divert attention

Fast and Furious meltdown, and the attempts to prevent it

Pacific Northwest gun rights activists are watching with a mix of disgust and amazement as the Justice Department’s apparent cover-up of the Operation Fast and Furious appears to be headed into meltdown, despite efforts by Congressional Democrats and sympathetic newspapers to distract public attention and downplay the scope of the scandal.


Article by Dave Workman

Proposed U.N. arms treaty slammed as Dems 'dance of distraction' continues

SAF, NRA slam U.N. arms treaty as Dems push new gun control scheme

Two national gun rights organizations, including the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation, drew lines in the sand Thursday against a proposed United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, while anti-gun Congressional Democrats push a new gun control measure…


Article by Dave Workman