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Gun Rights

Felipe Calderon pinch hitting for Obama gun agenda?

Has Calderon stepped in to push Fast & Furious agenda?

Has Mexican President Felipe Calderon stepped in as a surrogate to push what many gun rights activists believe is the underlying goal of the Obama administration’s Operation Fast & Furious; that is, renewal of the ban on so-called “assault weapons” that he now blames for the casino massacre last week in Monterrey?


Article by Dave Workman

Anti-Knife Loonies on the Loose

Dog Days of Summer Busy at Knife Rights

We want all those affected by Irene this past weekend to know our thoughts and prayers are with you as you work to get your lives back to normal. When viewing the damage Irene has left in its wake, it just reinforces how important knives and edged tools are to our survival and recovery after any disaster.

Battle lines drawn in grizzly bear case

Battle lines drawn, anti-rural bigotry emerges in ID grizzly bear killing

Rural solidarity is clearly up against anti-rural bigotry in the continuing debate over federal prosecution of a north Idaho man who fatally shot one of three grizzly bears that wandered onto his property and allegedly posed an immediate threat to his children.


Article by Dave Workman

Ninth Circuit rejects another wolf hunt blockade

Ninth Circuit rejects motion to halt MT, ID wolf hunts

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco yesterday turned thumbs down on a motion from environmental groups to stop planned wolf hunts in Montana and Idaho, and in the aftermath, Washington hunters are cheering, and they are getting a quick education about what lies over their political horizon.


Article by Dave Workman

Idaho 'grizzly man' gets governor's support

Idaho governor backs man who shot grizzly

As tempers ramp up across the Pacific Northwest over the federal government’s decision to prosecute an Idaho man who shot a grizzly bear allegedly in defense of his children, Gov. Butch Otter’s letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in defense of Jeremy Hill’s actions has now been released, and it’s a no-holds-barred document.


Article by Dave Workman

Idaho grizzly shooting launches fury

ID grizzly killing ignites passions in, beyond Gem State borders

Evergreen State hunters are joining their neighbors in Idaho in expressing outrage over the case of Jeremy M. Hill, who has been charged in federal court for what he insisted was the self-defense killing of a grizzly on his property on May 8.


Article by Dave Workman

Gang violence and gun rights

Street gangs pose public safety threat

Reading Wednesday’s Seattle Times will convince people that there is an “all-out gang war” flaring up in South King County, a region where at least some of the estimated 10,000 gang members hang their colors, which must make for quite an array, considering that there are an estimated 140 active street gangs in the county.


Article by Dave Workman

London mayor gives anti-gun bigotry a new low level

London mayor reveals anti-gun bigotry knows no borders or boundaries

Evergreen State gun rights activists who think their biggest problems lie with Washington CeaseFire and the Brady Campaign will realize that anti-gun bigotry has reached a new low with today’s announcement that the Mayor of London will not allow school-age youngsters to attend any Olympics shooting events next year on the free tickets they get from his office because city hall “fears a backlash from the anti-gun lobby.”

Green Lake open carry incident

Green Lake open carry incident Sunday stirring debate

A Sunday morning incident at Seattle’s Green Lake involving an open carry activist and Seattle police is now escalating on the Open Carry forum with suggestions to take legal action against an unidentified woman who made the initial 911 call to police.


Article by Dave Workman