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Gun Rights

Holder to testify, but several want him out; WA I-1183

With Holder’s promise to testify, demands for resignation mount

In the wake of Attorney General Eric Holder’s agreement to testify on Operation Fast and Furious before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Dec. 8, the number of calls for his resignation has reportedly doubled.


Article by Dave Workman


In the last issue of SOF, details from a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee report revealed how sloppy Operation Fast and Furious had become. The media’s failure to cover the scandal was also noted.


Rep. Walsh Calls for Attorney General Holder to Resign

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) sent a scathing rebuke to Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday and called on him to resign his post at the Justice Department.

Noting that Holder needed to “take responsibility” for implicating the United States as an accessory to violent crimes committed by the Mexican drug cartels, Walsh blasted the Attorney General for the role he played in the “subsequent cover-up” of the failed Fast and Furious operation.

Napolitano on hot seat over Fast & Furious

Did ‘Big Sis’ lay some big eggs before House Judiciary?

Under intense questioning Wednesday by Congressmen Darrell Issa and Trey Gowdy during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Homeland Security Secretary seemed to weave, dodge, protest and perhaps demonstrate some ignorance about Operation Fast and Furious.


Article by Dave Workman

Democrats still 'party of gun control'

Gallup poll, Committee vote show Dems remain ‘party of gun control’

Yesterday’s largely party-line vote by the House Judiciary Committee on H.R. 822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act, clearly demonstrates that Democrats remain the party that clings to the notion that gun ownership is a privilege and that a citizen’s right of self-defense ends at state lines.


Article by Dave Workman

Hunting safety is everyone's business

Since 1959, public hunting on Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield has been considered a hunter's paradise because the installation is home to over 350 species of wildlife. As directed by Army regulation 420-4, the installation provides an abundance of outdoor space for hunting enthusiasts. Although the installation maintains a good safety record, hunting safety remains critical for Soldiers, Family Members and civilians who choose to hunt on the installation.

Gallup poll shows Americans support gun ownership

Gallup: Most Americans support gun ownership

An overwhelming majority of Americans support handgun ownership, and there is increased opposition to a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” according to the results of the annual Gallup Crime poll, conducted Oct. 6-9.


Article by Dave Workman

Gun-haters Continue to Misfire on Concealed Carry

On November 1, Wisconsin became the 49th state to recognize the right of its citizens to carry firearms. Now, only one state remains in the Dark Ages -- that being the state of Illinois.

As can be imagined, the anti-gun media is predicting that letting citizens carry firearms will result in carnage in the streets, shootouts in bars, and angry parents settling scores on the ball field with their firearms.

And to supposedly prove their point, they cite a bogus report of the Violence Policy Center (VPC) entitled “Concealed Carry Killers.”

Is DoJ trying to further stonewall the public?

Is DoJ proposal a reaction to Fast & Furious probes?

A proposal by the Obama/Holder Justice Department to allow agency officials to lie about the existence of so-called “sensitive information” seems curiously timed as momentum builds for a full accounting by the Obama administration on Operation Fast and Furious.


Article by Dave Workman