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Gun Rights

Seattle 'living in denial' over gun ban case

Familiar theme in Seattle’s ‘living in denial’ Supreme Court petition

The City of Seattle is arguing that a state appeals court “misread” earlier case law regarding Washington State’s model preemption act, which sounds vaguely reminiscent of what the gun prohibition lobby contended after the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2008 landmark Second Amendment ruling in District of Columbia v. Dick Anthony Heller.


Article by Dave Workman

Seattle wants state Supreme Court review of parks gun ban loss

BREAKING: Seattle petitions state Supreme Court to review gun ban loss

The City of Seattle has petitioned the state Supreme Court in an effort to resurrect its city parks gun ban after losing the battle twice to the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and the National Rifle Association, in King County Superior Court and at the State Court of Appeals.


Article by Dave Workman

Bill introduced to protect WA gun owners at work

Bill introduced to protect WA gun owners at work introduced

Legislation that would protect employees from losing their jobs for having firearms locked in their vehicles on company property has been introduced in Olympia by a bi-partisan group of almost 20 House members led by Democrat Brian Blake (91th District) and Republican Joel Kretz (7th District).


Article by Dave Workman

A study in contrast: Occupy v. gun rights activists

A study in contrast: Occupy protesters v. gun rights activists

The past two days of Occupy movement protests in Olympia provide a start contrast to a turnout on the state capitol campus in January 2010 by hundreds of gun rights activists, many of whom were armed openly.


Article by Dave Workman

Get a traffic ticket and lose your gun rights

Dear Friend of Freedom:
Have you ever had a traffic ticket, or have you ever fallen behind paying a bill?

Most Americans have, and if Mayor Michael Bloomberg gets his way, each of these harmless infractions will be grounds for denying your Second Amendment rights.

Parking ticket? No gun. Traffic ticket? No gun. Late on a bill? NO GUN.

Bad moon rising for Holder?

Does Grassley’s latest barrage signal bad moon rising for Holder?

Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley’s two new blistering commentaries on Operation Fast and Furious and Attorney General Eric Holder’s curious lack of knowledge about that operation’s direct link to the slaying of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry last year may signal what awaits Holder next week when he is scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee.


Article by Dave Workman

Just what is this 'right to bear arms?'

Just what is this ‘right to bear arms’ and what does it cover?

Washington State’s own Tri-City Herald today published an editorial that speaks about the Second Amendment and how many liberals cling to the notion that it is the illegitimate son in the Bill of Rights...


Article by Dave Workman


SOF's presentation of the Second Amendment Freedom Award to Bloggers David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh was mentioned in the Arizona Republic!

SAF sues over Cal. assault weapon ban

SAF v. Sacramento in federal lawsuit over Cal. ‘assault weapons’ ban

The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn the California ban on so-called “assault weapons,” alleging that the statute is written in such a way as to be unconstitutionally vague and ambiguous to the point that cops can’t tell what is legal and what is not.


Article by Dave Workman