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Gun Rights

Utah gun bill reflects problem in WA statute

Utah gun bill reflects problem with Washington statute

Utah lawmakers will consider legislation next month that would remove criminal penalties for merely carrying a firearm in public, in a lawful manner, whether openly or concealed, prohibiting the armed citizen from being charged with, for example, disorderly conduct.


Article by Dave Workman

Question: Who is Holder protecting in Fast & Furious?

Gowdy and Greta: Who is Holder protecting in Fast & Furious?

South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy threw a grenade into the Fast and Furious scandal Monday night when he raised the possibility that Attorney General Eric Holder has been resisting Congressional inquiries into the scandal because he is protecting someone.


Article by Dave Workman

WI experience should be wake-up call to WA senators

WI experience should be wake-up call to WA senators

There’s a rush going on in Wisconsin that has nothing to do with Christmas, but it does offer a lesson to anti-gun politicians – including Washington State’s two U.S. Senators – that given the choice, citizens believe in being armed, and will exercise that civil right..


Article by Dave Workman

Issa asks Holder to tesfify Jan. 24

BREAKING! Issa asks Holder to testify in January

Congressman Darrell Issa has just invited embattled Attorney General Eric Holder to testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Tuesday, Jan. 24, while offering Holder six alternate dates when he could appear.


Article by Dave Workman

Holder plays the race card

Holder plays race card in NY Times profile

Some of his critics may be wondering why it took so long for embattled Attorney General Eric Holder to play the race card, but he did so over the weekend in a New York Times profile written by reporter Charlie Savage.


Article by Dave Workman

Push on for stronger self-defense law in WA

Push on for stronger self-defense law in WA

Washington State armed citizens are being lobbied to push for adoption of a proposed statute that will strengthen the Evergreen State’s lethal force self-defense law, a measure that was introduced in January and now waits for more co-sponsors.


Article by Dave Workman

Bloomberg's new sting = same old agenda

Bloomberg’s new ‘sting’ = same old agenda

Anti-gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s latest gun sting is a new approach to pushing the same old agenda, in this case a requirement that background checks be conducted for all gun sales, including private transactions.


Article by Dave Workman

One year after Terry murder, nobody accountable for Fast & Furious

ATF critics mark anniversary of incident that brought down Fast & Furious

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the fatal gun battle in southern Arizona that cost the life of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and led to the exposure of a government scandal that is now the subject of two Congressional investigations and a Justice Department Inspector General’s probe, and threatens to become a blood-soaked campaign issue for 2012.


Confirmed: Wolves killed AK teacher; fuel added to NW wolf war

Wolves killed AK teacher; report adds new fuel to NW wolf war

With confirmation the other day by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game that at least two wolves were responsible for killing a young high school teacher, the debate about wolf management in the Pacific Northwest has erupted anew.


Article by Dave Workman