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Gun Rights

Holder's new challenge: Color blindness

Holder’s new challenge: Color blindness; Today’s NRA bash

Wednesday’s Washington Times expects a great deal from Eric Holder....

As Barack Obama’s announced May 10 fund-raising trek to Seattle looms larger, Northwest gun owners are losing confidence that anything will be done to force Holder to act on a scandal that could be more devastating than Richard Nixon’s Watergate.


Article by Dave Workman

CCW Surge and WA state is on front end

Five months, 12K new licenses; WA at front end of CCW surge

In the five months between early November and early April, the Washington Department of Licensing logged nearly 12,000 new concealed pistol licenses, putting the Evergreen State definitely on the front end of a national surge that is seeing record numbers of private citizens “arming up.”


Article by Dave Workman

Beginning a week of NRA bashing

Beginning a week of NRA bashing

… an annual orgy of media mayhem is about to unfold…


Article by Dave Workman

Loading Up: Public declares war on burglars

Loading up: Citizens declare war on robbers, burglars

A home invader is shot dead in Puyallup, another dies in North Bend, and a third man is felled in Detroit, Michigan by an armed homeowner, while several other perpetrators are lucky just to get arrested; Americans have declared war on robbers, and one of the most active battle fronts is right here in the Pacific Northwest.


Article by Dave Workman

New developments, old foot-dragging in Fast & Furious

F&F gun buyer in Terry murder to change plea; Holder not questioned yet?

The man who allegedly purchased two rifles recovered at the murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in December 2010 will reportedly change his plea Thursday in Federal court in Phoenix.


Article by Dave Workman

Buchanan goes pro-gun v. U.N.

Welcome to the party, Pat; Buchanan goes pro-gun v. the U.N.

Syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan may be a little late to the party with his Wednesday article about the United Nations threat to American gun owners – a battle that Bellevue’s Alan Gottlieb has been fighting for some time, as this column noted – but it appears he brought something to the table.


Article by Dave Workman

Dead man in North Bend case apparently made threats

Dead man in North Bend case apparently made threats

A man who was killed by a homeowner in North Bend late Friday night in what is being called a clear case of self-defense had apparently been dropped off near the I-90 interchange after an evening of heavy drinking, the Gun Rights Examiner has learned.


Article by Dave Workman


A 1995 video has surfaced of now Eric Holder laying out a very detailed plan to brainwash Americans against guns.

In a 1995 C-Span televised speech, Eric Holder proclaims that guns, not criminals, are the problem with our country. He then proceeds to lay out the manner in which he intends to brainwash unsuspecting Americans and especially our youth, into treating guns with the same disdain now associated with public smoking.

The anti-gun left has been plotting against our Second Amendment rights for years...and now they hold the highest offices in our land.

Two teens. two fatal encounters but only one Seattle protest

Two Florida teens, two fatal encounters, but only one protest in Seattle

Anger over the slaying of Florida teen Trayvon Martin reached clear to Seattle this week as protesters gathered in Westlake Park, while new tidbits of information continue to surface about the youth and the man who shot him, George Zimmerman.


Article by Dave Workman