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Gun Rights

The 'O'Reilly Factor' in Fast & Furious investigation

The ‘O’Reilly Factor’: Issa, Grassley want to quiz ex-WH staffer on F&F

One strand at a time, the noose appears to be tightening around Operation Fast and Furious, and as Northwest gun rights activists follow the investigation keenly, Congressman Darrell Issa and Senator Charles Grassley are demanding to interview a key former White House staffer about what he knew and when he knew it about the mishandled gun trafficking sting.


Article by Dave Workman

Justice in Trayvon case a double-edged sword

Justice a double-edged sword; getting things ‘right’ about Trayvon case

The Seattle Times carries two stories Wednesday about the nationally-debated Trayvon Martin case, and both pieces – picked up from wire services and Florida newspapers – carry comments that, in the interest of balance and common sense, must be answered.


Article by Dave Workman

Confusion builds in Sanford shooting

Confusion in Sanford: Is SYG law applicable or not?

While anger over the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida has spread to the Pacific Northwest, it is never a good sign for someone in legal trouble when their attorney can’t get his story straight, or at least make up his mind about your dilemma and how to defend it.


Article by Dave Workman

Children killing children: That's entertainment!

Children killing children: That’s entertainment!

So, let’s see if we have this straight; a new film about children fighting to the death on live television until one is left standing is expected to gross maybe $130 million this weekend while critics rave, and back here in real life, we’re still sorting through two tragic shootings involving children…


Article by Dave Workman

CCRKBA working to stop U.N. global gun control effort

Bellevue’s CCRKBA works to stop U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

Global gun control proponents are preparing to adopt an international arms trade treaty at the United Nations in July, but the Bellevue-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has been working busily behind the scenes to stop them.


Article by Dave Workman

Treyvon Martin case: Was this self defense?

Trayvon Martin case: Indict shooter, not the law, in Florida

Gun prohibitionists and anti-self-defense advocates are capitalizing on the shooting of an unarmed teen in Florida three weeks ago to attack the Sunshine State’s stand-your-ground law…


Article by Dave Workman

"The ATF sat and watched...."

‘The ATF sat and watched’ says Hill source about latest F&F revelation

New revelations in recent days about how a prime suspect in Operation Fast and Furious was interviewed and released in southern Arizona in 2010 – on what amounted to a flimsy promise to cooperate – brought a blistering observation about how the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives mishandled the gun trafficking investigation that allowed an estimated 2,000 guns to be “walked” into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

Holder anti-gun video: A smoking gun on F&F?

Holder anti-gun video: Is this the ‘smoking gun’ of Fast & Furious?

Gun rights activists all over the landscape, including right here in the Northwest, are talking about the weekend revelation from Breitbart.com of a 1995 video of then-Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder telling a Democrat women’s group that the public must be “brainwashed” against guns.


Article by Dave Workman

Gun safety expertise: pretenders v. the real thing

Gun safety expertise: Political pretenders versus the Real Deal

At the end of an emotionally brutal week in western Washington during which two youngsters died in remarkably similar firearms accidents in Snohomish and Pierce counties, one thing has emerged from the ensuing debate that has, perhaps, never been more clear.


Article by Dave Workman