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Gun Rights

Bloody photo: Game-changer in Zimmerman case?

Game-changer bombshell: Bloody photo of Zimmerman released

In a game-changing development Friday, a photo of Florida murder suspect George Zimmerman – who has acknowledged fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin – clearly shows the back of Zimmerman’s head leaking blood from what appear to be two separate gashes.


Article by Dave Workman

Finally, Seattle goes after the right "gun criminals"

After losing on parks gun ban, Seattle targets gun traffickers

Perhaps it takes a legal setback like losing three times in a row to the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation, the National Rifle Association and their partners in the case of Winnie Chan v. City of Seattle before it occurs to anti-gunners to go after criminals instead of law-abiding citizens in an effort to put a dent in violent crime.


Article by Dave Workman

Today's history lesson

Here’s the real origin of ‘Stand Your Ground’

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida, anti-gunners from Orlando to Olympia have been blaming the National Rifle Association for cooking up this concept of standing one’s ground …

But standing one’s ground is an American concept much older than that. And perhaps the man to blame was a tuberculosis-infected war veteran named John Parker.


Article by Dave Workman

Fast and Furious dissed by Pulitzer committee

No Pulitzers for Fast and Furious coverage, no surprise

Pulitzer Prize winners were announced Monday and among them were the Seattle Times and Seattle’s alternative newspaper The Stranger, but surprise of surprises, nobody working to expose the Operation Fast and Furious scandal even got an honorable mention.


Article by Dave Workman

Reflections on the NRA, VA Tech

Five years after Virginia Tech: What have we learned?

ST. LOUIS — As the National Rifle Association convention wraps up with today’s meeting of the Board of Directors here, CNN and other networks are recalling the last time Monday was on April 16 — coincidentally the last time NRA met in this city — and asking what the nation has learned in the five years since the Virginia Tech massacre.


Article by Dave Workman

Lock and Load time for Romney at NRA

It’s ‘lock and load’ time for Romney at NRA

ST. LOUIS — Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney is in town today to assure members of the National Rifle Association that he is one of them (he’s a member) and that if they help put him in the White House, he will not betray that trust.


Article by Dave Workman

Bloomberg launches attack on Stand Your Ground

Bloomberg launches attack on ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws

The effort probably will have no impact in Washington State, where “Stand Your Ground” is a principle enshrined in state Supreme Court rulings, not state statute.


Article by Dave Workman

Holder's new challenge: Color blindness

Holder’s new challenge: Color blindness; Today’s NRA bash

Wednesday’s Washington Times expects a great deal from Eric Holder....

As Barack Obama’s announced May 10 fund-raising trek to Seattle looms larger, Northwest gun owners are losing confidence that anything will be done to force Holder to act on a scandal that could be more devastating than Richard Nixon’s Watergate.


Article by Dave Workman

CCW Surge and WA state is on front end

Five months, 12K new licenses; WA at front end of CCW surge

In the five months between early November and early April, the Washington Department of Licensing logged nearly 12,000 new concealed pistol licenses, putting the Evergreen State definitely on the front end of a national surge that is seeing record numbers of private citizens “arming up.”


Article by Dave Workman