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Gun Rights

More on moratorium: Inslee death penalty decision reaction raises questions

Does Inslee need lessons from Florida, Texas?

Gov. Jay Inslee, who announced a moratorium on capital punishment yesterday, could use some lessons from two other states – Florida and Texas – if one concurs with his critics…


Article by Dave Workman


Ohio National Guard Training Stirs Controversy
By Harold Hutchison

Second Amendment activists became the enemy in a training exercise for the Ohio National Guard. In that exercise, these “activists” launched a terrorist attack.

According to multiple media reports, the exercise, which took place in January and involving the 52nd Civil Support Group, simulated an attack using food that was contaminated using ricin and sulfur mustard. The simulated attack’s “perpetrators” in the exercise were described in documents obtained by one media outlet as part of an “anti-government movement.”

Are Gun Owners Walking into an Ambush?

We are making headway, but we must stay vigilant!
reform will add over 8,000,000 anti-gun voters to the voting rolls,’

Inslee suspends executions, igniting debate

Gov. Inslee sides with killers, say death penalty supporters

Governor Jay Inslee today announced a moratorium on capital punishment while he is in office, a move that is infuriating many of his constituents and is particularly aggravating to gun rights activists who note that he is willing to spare killers while his voting record suggests he would make it more difficult for their intended victims to arm themselves.


Article by Dave Workman

Oversight committee releases report on Navy Yard Shooting

Report on Navy Yard shooting notes problems in Seattle

A report on the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard shooting in September, released this morning by the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, identifies several municipal police departments, including Seattle’s, as being on a list of “non-cooperating” agencies when it comes to providing information to federal authorities conducting background checks for security clearance.


Article by Dave Workman

The price of gun control

The financial downside to gun control bigotry

Nearly one week after the Washington Times published an open letter from the head of Beretta USA about why his company is departing Maryland, today’s Town Hall finance column explains just what that state stands to lose because of the anti-gun myopia of its lawmakers and governor.


Article by Dave Workman

Rand Paul's Pro-gun Amendment to Repeal Gun Bans in Post Offices Initially Fails

But a relentless Paul achieves minor improvements

In a surprise ambush, Democrats on the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee unanimously voted to defeat a Rand Paul amendment to allow guns in post offices. 

Patty Murray wants to keep her job

Murray’s fifth term desire bad news to gun owners

Yesterday’s Seattle Times report that U.S. Senator Patty Murray, an “F”-rated anti-gun Democrat, will seek a fifth term in 2016 is being met with groans, and not just from gun owners, but from many of her constituents on other issues, as Times reader reaction suggests.


Article by Dave Workman

First attacks launched in WA initiative fight

Anti-gunners take initiative fight to new level…downward

The Seattle Times is reporting this morning that “a group of gun-violence victims” attending a hearing on Initiatives 591 and 594 before the state Senate Law & Justice Committee have complained that they were “disrespected.”


Article by Dave Workman