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Party Line Votes Move Anti-Gun Bills Out of Committee
By Harold Hutchison

A series of anti-gun bills moved forward to the full Colorado State Senate on party-line votes. The package of legislation, which restricts many standard-capacity magazines, bans concealed carry on campus, and which ends private gun sales among other things, advanced despite vehement grassroots opposition, some of which came from survivors of the 1999 Columbine shooting.

All the votes in support of the gun grabs were from Democrats, who moved the bill despite the presence of many citizens who opposed the package of legislation. In the wake of mass shootings at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater and Sandy Hook Elementary School, anti-gunners have sought to ram through a wish list of anti-gun legislation in Colorado.

During committee passage of the magazine ban, Magpul president and founder Richard Fitzpatrick reiterated his threat to move his company out of Colorado if the legislation passed.

"The legislation does nothing to improve public safety," Fitzpatrick said.