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O’Malley Pushes Sweeping Bill
By Harold Hutchison

Ignoring wide-spread grass-roots opposition, Democrats in the Maryland State Legislature rammed through sweeping legislation that includes a gun ban. The sweeping bill was rushed into passage over the Easter holiday weekend.

The legislation, S.B. 281, includes provisions that make even owning certain semi-automatic firearms touchy for law-abiding citizens. According to an alert the NRA sent out, “For his own national political purposes, O’Malley is actively seeking to force amendments that would impose an outright BAN on those same semi-automatic firearms that the state legislature is ready to recognize as valuable self-defense tools.”

One amendment, which passed on a voice vote, was later re-voted and defeated in a House of Delegates committee. Former Senate candidate Dan Bongino said that the Democrats in the Maryland State House “broke their own parliamentary procedures in order to punish legal firearm owners and protect criminals.”