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Four Robberies in Two Weeks
By Harold Hutchison

After banning guns in their stores at the behest of the Bloomberg-subsidized gun-grabbing group Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense, three restaurants owned by Jack in the Box, a fast-food chain growing nationwide, have been hit by armed robbers. The gun-grabbing group urged the company to ban guns after an incident in Texas where rifles were legally carried into one of the company’s restaurants.

According to reports by GunsSaveLives.Net, since the company made its decision to declare its restaurants as gun-free zones, there have been three robberies in two weeks. In two of those incidents, one in Houston, the other in Tennessee, people were shot and wounded. In all three robberies, both the restaurant and patrons inside were robbed.

In North Carolina, another restaurant with a “no guns” policy was also robbed. According to a report by the Daily Caller, three men entered the restaurant, which had posted a sign prohibiting guns near its front door, and then forced employees to lie on the floor, assaulting two of them. A number of patrons were also in the restaurant when the robbery took place.

Recently, the restaurant chain Chipotle also issued a statement asking customers not to bring guns. The chain did so after members of an open-carry group entered a restaurant after an event while carrying their rifles. No incident occurred, but Moms Demand Action launched a campaign using the social media site Twitter, and pressured Chipotle into banning guns.