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Guinea Army Declares State of Emergency

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The head of Guinea's army has declared a state of emergency, as rival ethnic groups clash in the capital following the disputed presidential election.

Army Chief Nouhou Chaim said Wednesday that the state of emergency will remain in effect until Guinea's Supreme Court verifies the election results.

On Monday, officials declared longtime opposition leader Alpha Conde the winner of the November 7 runoff.

His opponent, Cellou Dalein Diallo, is contesting the results. Diallo says his supporters, mostly from the Peul ethnic group, are being targeted by the country's mostly Malinke security forces.

On Wednesday, groups of Malinke and Sousou youth, armed with clubs and machetes, marched through the streets of the capital, saying they are prepared to defend themselves against the Peul.

At least three people have been killed in violence since Monday.

About 60 others have been injured, several with gunshot wounds. Diallo Wednesday renewed an appeal for calm.

Guinea's military rulers have banned all public demonstrations and said they will not allow any violence to disrupt the transition to civilian rule.

The presidential election was considered Guinea's first democratic vote after more than 50 years of dictatorship and military control.

Article by VOA News