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GOP Donors "sitting out", Navy SEAL needs help

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Just days before Tuesday's vote
in Massachusetts, GOP "sitting out" Senate race, Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez
needs the grassroots support to upset liberal Congressman


Major GOP donors are not stepping up to back the Navy SEAL that
has a chance to win an important blue-state Senate seat.  Even with
strong debate performances in the final week, Gabriel Gomez is relying
on the grassroots to spread his message and win this election.  We
can help him do that in the final days.
This is the final plea for our Elect-A-Navy-SEAL Voter Outreach.
 We are actively supporting the campaign and TODAY is the last
chance to make a difference by supporting voter outreach for Tuesday's
special election.  Please support the Navy SEAL in his quest to win
a Senate seat.  The GOP is ignoring his chances, we can't.

conservative groups like American Crossroads and the U.S. Chamber of
Commerce, both of which poured hundreds of millions into congressional
races last year, have decided to stay out of the Massachusetts
...Such groups
are giving scant help to the Republican nominee, Gabriel Gomez,

in his uphill battle against veteran U.S. Rep. Ed Markey for the seat
vacated by Secretary of State John Kerry. The dearth of outside
support has left Mr. Gomez exposed to a wave of ads from the Markey
campaign and its allies, stirring anger in some Republican circles that
the party is being too hesitant and too timid.
"This is
proof-positive that the party would rather conduct blue-ribbon studies
on the sort of candidates we'd like to have instead of actually
supporting those candidates,"
said Brad Todd, a GOP strategist
who is advising the Gomez campaign.

With little big money support it is up to the grassroots to win
this election.  
Defenders of Freedom and Security is doing all we can to defeat
the liberal agenda and vote out another Washington insider ready to
pander to Obama.
We are close to reaching our final goal of $20,000 to
Elect-A-Navy-SEAL Voter Outreach, TODAY is our last chance to raise
money for Gomez.  Help us defeat the liberal who represents all
that is wrong with Washington and send a real leader, Gabriel


Like us on Facebook and share our page so your
friends will know about Gabriel Gomez and this important

have to reach the voters who will change this election.  That is
why our Voter Outreach is poised to make a difference on the ground as
we contact voters to tell them who Gabriel Gomez is and what he stands
Our Voter Outreach campaign has raised $17,736 WITH YOUR HELP.
 We have just 3 days until election day, June 25th, time is urgent
to help defeat Ed Markey and elect a real leader, Navy SEAL Gabriel

President Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill
Clinton, Al Gore and Joe Biden can campaign all they want, but the
people are sick of the same rhetoric and worn out messages.  It's
time to change Washington
Markey is just another vote
for the President's agenda.  We must support and elect a principled
leader that will stand up for We The People.  That candidate is
Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez.
We may not be able to match the liberal Democratic machine in
fundraising, but getting Gomez's message and ideas to voters will change
this race.  

Like us on Facebook and share our page so your friends
will know about Gabriel Gomez and this important

To donate by
Defenders of Freedom and

PO Box
Sacramento, CA

you for Defending Freedom and Security.