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GOA is proud to endorse Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia

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GOA’s Political Victory Fund (PVF) is proud to endorse the current Attorney General, Ken
Cuccinelli, in his race for Governor of Virginia.

Gun owners know that Ken Cuccinelli has made a career of taking a strong stand for our 2nd Amendment rights in the Old Dominion.

“I strongly believe in protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of our law-abiding citizens,” Cuccinelli says on his website.  “I have been an advocate for law-abiding sportsmen, gun collectors, and gun owners throughout my time in the state Senate and as Attorney General. As
Governor, I will continue to protect our rights.”

Cuccinelli has lived up to those words.  Among his many accomplishments, Cuccinelli:

* Helped get HB 2144 passed, which keeps Virginia concealed carry records private and out of the hands of pesky newspaper reporters (2009).

* Filed an amicus brief before the Supreme Court in favor of the plaintiff in the Woollard v. Gallagher -- fighting the statists in Maryland who want law-abiding gun owners to show a “good and substantial reason” to exercise their rights (2013).

* Informed churches in the state that they have to follow the law and stop denying people their right to carry concealed (2011).

* Fought to get the restriction on guns in bars and restaurants repealed, while serving as both a state senator and Attorney General (2009-2010).

* And finally, as a state senator, he voted for SB 58, which banned localities from fingerprinting concealed carry applicants (2006).  Plus, he led the fight against SB 807, which would have put
onerous laws on gun shows, banning private sales of firearms at gun shows if they didn’t first go through a background check (2005).

We need men like Ken in the Virginia statehouse to stop the Democrats from doing to Virginia what they’ve done in Maryland where people have to show a “good and substantial reason” to exercise their

And if all the reasons above weren’t reason enough to help elect Ken Cuccinelli, there’s one more BIG reason gun owners need him:  His opponent.

Ken is running against long-time party operative and political hack Terry McAuliffe, who was the one time head of the Democrat National Committee.

Terry McCauliffe is an F- candidate with Gun Owners of America, as he has supported:

* So-called “assault weapons” bans on semi-automatic firearms,

* The reinstitution of the “one gun a month rule,”

* And, bans on private sales of firearms (that don’t first pass through a government registration background check).

Like most gun-grabbers, he’s perfectly willing to grab your guns, even while keeping them for himself.  After all, he’s now the owner of a Beretta shotgun worth almost $1,900 dollars.

But in addition to all of McAuliffe’s anti-gun views, what should disturb gun owners the most is that Mr. McAuliffe recently met with New York City Michael Bloomberg, presumably to get his support and his money.

To be sure, Bloomberg has committed himself to supporting gun control advocates across the country.  Consider these headlines and news reports:

* “Bloomberg May Court McAuliffe to Bring Gun Control to Virginia,” Breitbart, September 11, 2013

* “New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is asking others to help in the gun debate by rewarding lawmakers who favor stricter controls and punishing those who don’t.”  Bloomberg.com, June 13, 2013

Do you want New York-style gun laws in the Old Dominion?   If not, then please do everything you can to help Ken Cuccinelli become governor on November 5.

So please tell your friends and family about Ken’s record of fighting for them.

Better yet, please volunteer your time and help the Cuccinelli campaign with a contribution to help stop McAuliffe in his tracks.

You can find out more at Ken’s website here: http://www.cuccinelli.com

So remember, vote for a true friend of the 2nd Amendment on November 5. Vote for Ken Cuccinelli!


Tim Macy
Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund