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Two-Star General Reported Killed

An American major general has reportedly been killed in an attack carried out by someone wearing an Afghan Army uniform at a military base in Afghnaistan. If so, this would be the highest-ranking officer killed in a “green on blue attack.” The attacker was reportedly killed.

According to reports from Breitbart News and Fox News, the attack took place at Camp Qargha. Located about 13 miles west of the Afghan capital of Kabul, the camp is in Heart province. As many as 15 people were wounded in the attack. The camp was recently re-named the Marshal Fahim National Defense University, and has been training hundreds of troops a month.

Insider attacks have been a growing threat in recent years. In 2012, as many as 20% of the troop losses were due to “green on blue” attacks. A number of these attacks have been as a the result of Taliban infiltration or coercion. In 2013, only ten such attacks occurred, killing 16 coalition troops, according to a Fox News report.

The reports indicate the unidentified American major general was killed in the attack. If this is confirmed, he would be the highest-ranking officer killed in action since the 9/11 attack, when a three-star general was killed in the attack on the Pentagon. A German brigadier general was also among the wounded.