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Other Insurgents Killed During Operations
By Harold Hutchison

Over the last three days, ISAF confirmed that four insurgent leaders, three of whom were Taliban, were killed during operations in Afghanistan. In addition, a number of insurgent leaders and facilitators were also captured.

The Taliban leaders killed were Shafiq and Qudrat, who were killed in Kandahar province, and Mazloom, who was killed in Helman province. Saleh Abd Al-Aziz Hamad al-Luhayb, described as a “senior insurgent leader” without any information as to which insurgent groups he worked with, was killed. during an operation in Waygal district, Nuristan province, Wednesday. Al-Luhayb, was also known as Abu Sulayman. ISAF also confirmed that coalition and Afghan forces also captured ten insurgent leaders and facilitators over the last three days, and that at least 29 insurgents were killed and another 41 were captured.

ISAF’s Regional Command East reported that forces under its command killed 13 insurgents, captured another 14, discovered two weapons caches, and disarmed 43 improvised explosive devices in three days. 23 of the IEDs were disarmed during operations taking place on 5 May. ISAF’s RC-East also reported that one of the captured insurgents had an explosive vest.