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Brazilian Air Force Picks Saab

The Brazilian Air Force shoes Saab’s new Gripen E/F to replace a dozen older fighters. The Gripen beat out competing designs from France and the United States.

THE STANFEX SOLUTION: The Danish Navy's Versatile Warships

Denmark’s Versatile Warships
By Harold Hutchison

As controversy swirls over the Littoral Combat Ship, which appears to be far more suitable for the Coast Guard, the Danish Navy is operating two classes of ship that might be an answer to America’s question. It is hard not to look at these ships and wonder what could have been.

One of the ways Denmark has made their naval vessels so potent and yet versatile lies in the StanFlex system. This system, first deployed in the 1980s on the small Flyvefisken class patrol vessels, enabled a small 320-ton vessel to fulfill roles from mine-countermeasures to a missile boat to combating pollution. Modules can be switched out in a couple of hours.

0 FOR 27

Marine Standards Targeted By Social Activists
By SOF Editor

The Marine Corps is now facing pressure to lower standards at the Infantry Officer’s Course from activists who want women in combat roles. The pressure comes as the number of women who have attempted, but failed the course reached 27.


As the M14 platform began to dominate competitive rifle shooting, several performance oriented upgrades to the design gained popularity. Today, shooters who want the extra features, but don’t want to pay match-shop prices can find what they need in the Loaded M1A™  Series from Springfield Armory®.

High Powered, Big Caliber Air Guns and Arrow Guns (Airbow) Custom Made

Some of what Matt Johnson has been doing with air rifles. The other guy Mack is the money behind it, Matt does all the modifications to the airgun. They are all designing and building their own gun for future marketing of which Matt is the designer and builder of the prototype.

GEMTECH Suppressors in Action With the Quiet Professionals

GEMTECH Going Hot in 2014 ,

GEMTECH Suppressors in Action With the Quiet Professionals

Check out their products after watching this video

British Army Extreme Firefight Combat Footage

SOF Salutes the British Troops of the Mission to Afghanistan! May the 453 who died R. I.P and salute to all the wounded and those who fought.

British Soldiers in firefight with Taliban in 2012


Friday Shooting Used to Urge Passage of “Background Checks” Measure

Gun-grabbers are trying to exploit a tragic shooting at a high school north of Seattle to secure passage of a so-called “universal background checks” measure in Washington State. The efforts came as a second student dies of wounds suffered during the shooting.


Islamic State Seizes Bundle of Weapons Intended for Kurds

Efforts to airdrop supplies to Kurdish fighters in the town of Kobani, Syria took a bad turn when at least two bundles went off course, one of them falling into the hands of the very people those weapons were intended to be used against.


Cite Incompetence of Afghan National Army
By Harold Hutchison

Green Berets who have served in Operation Enduring Freedom are now speaking out about the state of the Afghan National Army – and what they have to say about the Afghan forces. Despite an ongoing effort spanning a decade, Afghan soldiers hide or quit the fight.

According to a report in the Washington Times, the observations by Soldiers with the Special Forces came during an investigation into a friendly fire incident that killed five Green Berets and one Afghan. A B-1B Lancer mistakenly dropped two bombs on the friendly position.


Prepping… a term that conjures up thoughts of television shows about extreme folks building moats around their homes, burying large caches of supplies, and waiting for the “big one” or “end of time” to come. But the reality is every year we do face catastrophes and localized events. Whether they are man-made occurrences, severe weather conditions, or civil unrest, things do happen. How many times have you found yourself with no power because of a small storm and you were unprepared? If your answer is even just one time that it occurred to you, that’s one time too many. With proper planning, you can be prepared for the majority of events that can occur in your area.

Britain's Afghanistan War Comes to An End As the Union Flag is Lowered

Afghanistan, the Graveyard of Empires

The Union Flag in Camp Bastion was lowered today, marking the end of Britain's 13-year campaign - the longest conflict in recent history. 453 Brits died since the U.K. joined the war in Afghanistan. Around 13000 were injured.

Norwegian Special Forces

Norwegian special forces in action!

The secrecy around these special forces is extremly strict. There is not allot of information about these forces to be found, but we know they have seen action in international missions /w Navy seal's, sas e.t.c

Marinejegerkommandoen (MJK) is a mariteme special force simular to navy seal, This special froce was founded in 1953. (Navy)