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July 2014 Cover

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Pirate Busted in a Mastermind STING Operation

Somali Pirate Extraordinaire Mohamed Abdi Hassan was invincible after living the life of a pirate for 5 years, a long carrier in that deadly industry. He had escaped capture repeatedly worldwide, including in Malaysia in 2012.

He was ruthless and fearless and so loud he was dubbed "bigmouth".
He was addicted to the danger and notoriety as well as the loot. He fell hook line and sinker for the offer of worldwide fame as well as big bucks. He was already a sort of hero in Somalia.

Last week during a STING operation he was suckered into going to Belgium for a film contract for a role in a documentary on high seas crimes that would "mirror his life as a pirate.". The lure was irresistible to the megalomaniac crook. The Pirate left his hideout in Somalia where he had retired and sought immunity.

Belgian authorities arrested him as he landed at the airport and escorted him directly to the slammer.

His fame may just come through a Hollywood movie of how to bust one of the most successful pirates of all time.

GHOST Super Fast Stealth Attack Boat For the U.S. Military and Navy

By ArmedForces Update

World's Fastest Military Helicopter for U.S. Army and U.S. Military

Weekend Plans: A Space Taxi Ride

Space Taxi Supposedly Ready to Take Riders by March, 2015

Special Jaeger Battalion: Army Special Forces of Finland

Thanks to SOF Friend for forwarding this video

Ottawa shootings: CCTV footage of suspect Zehaf-Bibeau released by RCMP Officers

How a lone shooter, like the coward he was, shot and killed an unarmed honor guard in the back, then stormed the Parliament. Justice was swift. Sergeant-at-Arms Vickers, a former senior RCMP officer shot the perp dead before he killed anyone else.


Submarine to Be Commissioned This Weekend
By SOF Editor

The Navy will be commissioning the submarine USS North Dakota, the second ship to carry that name, over the weekend. The boat will be the 11th Virginia-class submarine to join the fleet.


Police Officers Attacked With Hatchet
By SOF Editor

A group of NYPD officers in the borough of Queens, New York, was attacked with a hatchet by an individual yesterday afternoon. The attacker left one of the officers in critical condition, and wounded a second police officer.

Naw...My Vote Doesn’t Count...or Why I Am A Stupid, Lazy Loser

By Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, USAR (Ret.)
From the December, 2014 issue of SOF

On how many occasions, come election time, do you hear gunnies come up with some inane excuse as to why they are not going to vote? “Oh, my vote doesn't count,” they snivel. “The politicians will do whatever they damn please. A pox on both houses.” Well, SOFers, if that was the case, why do all the left-wing, bottom feeders swarm to the ballot box? Because they know that voting Democratic will ensure they get their share of slop at the public trough. Or I should say, filtching dollars out of your and my wallet?

Decorated American Hero, Iraq and Blackhawk Down Veteran CSM Robert Gallagher (CSM of 1st Brigade, Task Force Liberty) Dies at 52

CMS Robert Gallagher became famous for his statement of the his role in "Blackhawk Down" Mogadishu

"The best day and the worst day of my life was when I served in Mogadishu, Somalia, on October 3, 1993, as a part of Task Force Ranger.
It was the worst day, because we lost 18 Soldiers and 84 others, including myself, were wounded.

His heart gave out at the age of 52.

Here is an interview from Soldier Story, DOD Staff Writer in 2010

An Interview with AW2′s new Sergeant Major: SGM Robert Gallagher


Invoked Executive Privilege to Withhold 20 E-mails Involving Fast and Furious
By SOF Editor

Barack Obama withheld at least 20 e-mails by outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder related to Operation Fast and Furious from Congress. The revelation came from the watchdog group Judicial Watch, which released the information today.

Former Marine Montel Williams to President Obama: Call Mexico President to Free Marine in the Slammer

Remember Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who left active duty in 2012. who claimed that he was snatched by Mexican authorities 31 March this year at San Ysidro border? He had guns and ammo in his truck, and claimed to have not realized that he had crossed the Mexican border.

We have updated our readers as he has been spending nearly three months in a Mexican prison. Many outraged Americans called for his release and return.


SAF Sues Over CCW
By SOF Editor

The Second Amendment Foundation is suing the state of Illinois again – this time targeting a provision in the law that was passed in 2013 after the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the complete ban on concealed carry in that state. SAF is filing the suit along with ten individuals, as well as the Illinois State Rifle Association and Illinois Carry, Inc.