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Lt. Gen. Mark Milley

Gun-Grabbers Seek To Use Dead Soldiers to Back Their Agenda
By Harold Hutchison

In the wake of the tragic mass shooting at Fort Hood that left four dead, including the shooter, gun-grabbers are already seeking to push new gun-control measures, using the incident to revive an agenda that stalled at the federal level last year.

According to media reports, anti-Second Amendment politicians like Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) are trying to revive last year’s push for so-called “universal background checks.” The legislation failed in 2013 after failing to overcome a filibuster.

Reid claimed that law enforcement sources reported that the gun used in the shooting had been purchased at a store called Guns Galore as he called for enactment of background check legislation. However, the alleged shooter reportedly had passed a background check, which is required for all purchases from any holder of a Federal Firearms License.

The shooter had reportedly been treated for depression and anxiety and was on a prescription for Ambien, a sleep aid. Yesterday, the Army reported that four of the 16 wounded in the attack have been released from hospitals.

Gun-grabbers had been reeling between reports of massive civil disobedience to gun grabs in Connecticut and New York, as well as the arrest of vocal gun-grabbing California state senator Leland Yee on a number of charges, including some associated with weapons trafficking.