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Emergency responders keep readiness high

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Training is a normal part of life for any airman. But when deployed, that training can feel more like a dress rehearsal. Members of 455th Air Expeditionary Wing Emergency Management were counting on that when they planned a recent exercise to test emergency responders.

The exercise simulated the damage resulting from a helicopter crashing into a dining facility. Senior Airman Angela Jackson, a key member of the Emergency Management team that planned and executed the exercise, held a few last-minute meetings with some volunteer "victims." Then she prepared to take notes on how well things played out. Her goal was to look for both efficiencies and opportunities to improve.

"This is where these things can really happen. Back at home station, it's just training. But places like Bagram are where our training is actually used. That's why we have exercises here. So our emergency responders stay ready to take action," said Jackson.

Jackson said the Emergency Management team hoped to see an organized and efficient response. Just two minutes after Bagram's Giant Voice alerted, "Exercise, exercise, exercise..." responders were on the scene and assessing victims. While Jackson said the exercise was successful, she and the team were already considering adjustments for the next one.

Article by Tech. Sgt. Shawn McCowan, 455th Air Expeditionary Wing