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Eight insurgents killed during attack on coalition forces

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At least eight insurgents were killed after they attempted an attack against coalition forces in the Khakrez District of southern Afghanistan's Kandahar province, July 1.

Insurgents attacked coalition forces with small arms and machine gun fire during a meeting with village elders to promote ongoing village stability programs within the area.

Coalition forces were able to positively identify the insurgents at which time they called for air support.

U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft responded and performed multiple gun runs on the insurgents. Afterword, coalition forces were able to confirm that eight insurgents were killed. Three of the killed insurgents were seen being carried away by insurgents in a truck, according to reports from the aerial reconnaissance team.

Following the engagement, coalition forces were able to recover several items from the insurgents, including multiple AK-47 rifles, multiple rocket-propelled grenade rounds, and components used to construct improvised explosive devices.

No civilian casualties or property damage resulted from these operations.

Article by Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force - Afghanistan