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Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia Gang Up on Libyan Insurgents

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The oily rich Sunni Saudi Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates regularly flex their muscle in the background in the war on terror. They have created mischief both in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq, claiming to fight against terrorism, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood largely based in Egypt. The latest teamwork included encouraging and supporting strikes launched against Libyan rebels that have created havoc on the Egyptian, Libyan border.
The latest strikes were launched surreptitiously last week agains Libyan insurgents taking over Tripoli and Libyan airport. Egypt provided the airfield and air support. UAE pilots, trained by the United States launched the unsuccessful strikes. The UAE contributed the pilots and aircraft and the Kingdom contributed its share of funds for the airstrikes.
The United States Officials claimed no knowledge of the attacks, and the rebels still hold Tripoli and the Libyan Airport. Libya is topsy turkey since Gadaffi was killed and since the NATO bombed Libya in support of the anti Gadaffi rebels. Rebels have confiscated U.S. and other weapons left behind and are fighting the government with the spillover affecting Egypt.
The inter border conflicts in the Middle East between Islamic factions and different tribes in the fight for power in the region. Unfortunately, the war games have probably only just begun.
The challenge: Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? The answer depends on the agendas of the power players.