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Death Toll in New Spasm of Violence Includes Soccer Players
By Harold Hutchison

A thirty-day state of emergency has failed to stop riots and violence in three Egyptian cities, and the death toll has included two soccer players. The riots occurred after nearly two dozen people were sentenced to death for their actions in deadly riots in Port Said.

The rioting over the weekend left four dozen dead, and the death toll is still rising, even after Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi imposed 9PM to 6AM curfews in Port Said, Suez, and Ismailia. Egyptian police have been ordered “to deal with all firmness and power” with people who allegedly threaten lives and property.

Egyptian opposition leader Mohammed El-Baradai, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said an invitation for a dialogue was worthless unless the Egyptian president “assumed responsibility for the bloody events and undertook to form a national salvation government and a balanced committee to amend the constitution.”

Morsi has ties with the Moslem Brotherhood. “It is your duty to immediately intervene to face this thuggery through via all legitimate means provided by the constitution and the law, including declaring an emergency,” an official of that group posted in an open message to him via the social networking site Facebook.