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On your own!

The news today is that the TSA officer who was wounded, and ultimately died, during the LAX shooting incident of 31 Oct 13, probably bled to death, and probably could have been saved, had competent aid gotten to him in a timely manner. Nearly all of the victims at the Columbine school shooting in 1999 died in a similar manner, and for the same reason.

However, current tactical doctrine dictates that the active murderer(s) must be sought-out and neutralized first, before anything else happens. Treating victims, even those in the process of bleeding to death, enjoys only secondary status, and always will. I don't see that tenet changing
significantly, any time soon!

What this means is that wounded victims during "active murderer" scenarios will be on their own for at least a half-hour, maybe a lot longer! All aid they receive in the short term will be self-administered or administered by those nearby.

Accordingly, from your individual standpoint, here are some suggestions:

> Don't spend a lot of time in shopping malls, banks, jewelry stores, churches, sporting events, political rallies, and large holiday gatherings.

> Keep your head up, and keep looking around. When you see "trouble in the making," begin your exit without delay.

> Keep a trauma-kit with you. IBD and tourniquet at the minimum. Keep another in your car. Practice applying a tourniquet on your own arms and legs, without assistance. Same with IBDs.

> Always have a flashlight with you, 150 lumens minimum.

> Always have your cell phone with you, fully charged

> Always have something on you that you can cut with, knife or scissors.

> When you find yourself in or near an "active murderer" scenario, get out of there, any way you can, no matter what anyone else says, and even when you've been wounded. Don't stay there and wait around for someone to "rescue" you. Who do, will have a long wait! Your chances of receiving timely and competent medical attention are far better when you unilaterally exit and depart the area immediately than when you stay where you are.

In this world, who subscribe to "learned helplessness" will lead short and unhappy lives! Conversely, the bold, audacious, and independent will find a way to win.

Your choice!

"Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser!"

Poker Axiom

John S. Farnam