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Putin’s Next Land Grab?
By Harold Hutchison

Obama and Putin
(White House photo)

The Ukrainian oblast of Donetsk has reportedly broken away from the Ukraine, and has now asked to join Russia. The secession comes after a 11 May referendum that some observers claim was fraudulent.

According to a report by the Washington Examiner, pro-Russian insurgents claimed that 90 percent of the population in the region turned out to vote. Prior to the vote, there were questions about how legitimate the vote was. The blog Gateway Pundit noted that days earlier, 100,000 ballots pre-marked with “Yes” votes had been located. Russia announced that they would respect the results of the referenda.

American troops in the Ukraine, 2000.
(DOD Photo)

Breitbart News also noted irregularities, noting that the Kyiv Post was reporting about armed men jumping the line to vote, and an absence of voter rolls in Luhansk, along with one report of a person casting five ballots.

The pro-Russian insurgency began after Viktor Yanukovych was deposed after a series of protests that followed his decision to not sign a trade deal with the EU, and to instead pursue economic aid from Russia. After he was deposed, a pro-Russian insurgency broke out, and Crimea was seized by Russia last month.