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Don’t Buy ObamaCare Insurance Just Because the Government Tells You To

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Follow Rep. Steve Stockman’s lead!

For over three years, Gun Owners of America has been warning Americans about the dangers of ObamaCare.

While more and more Americans continue to learn about the
unintentional “glitches” populating the ObamaCare website, they are also
discovering the INTENTIONAL dangers the new law poses for gun owners.

The news about these problems continues to spread, and other groups continue to forward our information.  Just recently, the Tea Party Unity ran a GOA article entitled, “ObamaCare Threatens Gun Owners Rights.”

Indeed, ObamaCare will take the gun ban that has disarmed more
than 150,000 military veterans and expand it to potentially cover
millions and millions of additional Americans.

Having said that, if you or a member of your family has a
condition that requires serious medical attention, fine. There’s no
moral imperative preventing you from trying to benefit from Obama’s
health care “house of cards,” while it lasts.

But don’t buy insurance just because the President tells you to
and threatens to fine you if you don’t.  First, many believe that this
isn’t going to happen.  But even if it did, consider this.

President “Above-the-Law” Obama has now waived ObamaCare for
everyone except for us -- the “little guys.” But it’s going to victimize
us, in spades.

ObamaCare, as drafted, purported to protect some, but not all,
of our Second Amendment rights.  Yet Obama pretty much showed his hands
with Executive Action 16, where he encouraged doctors to ask kids and
their parents about guns and enter that information into a federally run

Are you ready to have a government bureaucrat decide if you may
own a gun or not, with no day in court?  Once doctors start entering
your personal information into the medical database, there will be
nothing to stop the FBI from using your medical information to deny you
the right to purchase a firearm.

We thought we had barred this danger with language that was
inserted in Harry Reid’s manager’s amendment (of the ObamaCare bill) at
our insistence.  But it has now become clear that ObamaCare is “the law
of the land” only when it suits Barack Obama’s purposes:

* ObamaCare has provisions that penalize unions and other Obama supporters. Waived by Obama for many of them.

* ObamaCare’s prohibition on subsidies threatened Congress and its staff. Waived (illegally) by Obama.

* ObamaCare imposed a mandate on businesses, beginning January 1, 2014. Waived illegally by Obama.

* ObamaCare required states to provide Medicaid for a greater
percentage of the poor and middle class. Overturned by the Supreme

* ObamaCare required Obama to have an exchange system up and running by October 1. That didn’t happen.

The bottom line? Obama can’t force you to comply with ObamaCare, if he’s not going to comply with it himself.

But, you say, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the law in NFIB v. Sebelius.

Yeah, but remember McCain-Feingold, the unconstitutional
campaign finance restrictions on pro-gun speech? The court initially
upheld the law’s constitutionality IN THEORY. But years later, when an
advocacy group challenged the law, the Court found that the law was
largely unconstitutional IN PRACTICE.

There will be legal foundations lining up at the courthouse
door to establish that ObamaCare can’t penalize Americans in 2014. Gun
Owners Foundation will join in their efforts. And, if necessary, we may
bring the suit ourselves.

Obviously, we don’t have a crystal ball, but it may very well
be that the launch of ObamaCare will continue to be so disastrous, that
the President may very well waive the mandate (and the penalties) for
the first year.

But even if he doesn’t, there comes a point when, like our
Founding Father Patrick Henry, we have to decide if we are just going to
submit to tyranny or if we are going to resist:  “For my own part, I
consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery… But
as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

Of course, we are not talking about resisting on the
battlefield (the way Henry was).  No, our resistance must come in
answering this question:  Am I going to sign up for -- and take part in
-- an unconstitutional mandate that perpetuates tyranny and advances gun
control?  Or am I willing to resist tyranny, and even be willing to pay
a fine, on the chance that Obama doesn’t waive the penalties for
failing to participate in ObamaCare?

This is exactly what every member of the staff in Rep. Steve
Stockman’s office has done.  All in his office recently voted to reject
enrolling in the D.C. exchange.

“ObamaCare is a failing Ponzi scheme that can only work if it
overcharges young people and denies care to older people,” Rep. Stockman
said. “ObamaCare is not health care and we shouldn’t bail it out with
tax dollars.”


1)  Don’t buy ObamaCare just because Obama threatens you. 
(Again, we’re not trying to dissuade you from benefiting from Obama’s
collapsing structure if you or a member of your family has serious
medical needs. Enjoy it while it lasts.)

2)  Click here to email
your Representatives and Senators, urging them to work towards
repealing, defunding or delaying ObamaCare (as the budget negotiations
continue over the next few months).