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Questions About Accuracy Surround Rifle

It seems that the M4 carbine is not the only rifle that is now facing controversy over its performance in Afghanistan. The G36 carbine (pictured to the left), which is the standard-issue rifle for the German military, is also now facing question about its performance.

According to reports from German media, the questions have come despite there being no complaints about the rifle, a version of which was tested by the United States Army as the XM8 carbine, one of two successor systems to the XM29 Objective Infantry Combat Weapon. Testing carried out by the Bundeswehr Technical Center on 89 rifles reportedly noted degraded accuracy after extended use of the rifles. Reportedly, the test results have cause the German military to halt orders of the G36.

At the blog BearingArms.com, blogger Bob Owens noted, “Reports are that once German soldiers have fired their basic load of five 30-round magazines, their rifles become wildly inaccurate.” Owens also outlined how Taliban forces have shifted to firing 7.62x54mm Russian weapons at ISAF forces from distances of about half a kilometer.

The G36 entered service in 1997 with the German military. The rifle was designed after the G11 rifle, which fired a unique type of caseless ammo, was cancelled. It comes with a standard 30-round magazine, and fires the 5.56mm NATO round. Aside from the German military, the G36 is in use by a number of military forces, including the Latvian Army, the Spanish Army and Navy, and the Royal Thai Army.